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Yunus Saliu

Yunus Saliu is a seasoned journalist and publisher with a deep-seated passion for covering cultural traditions and festivals in The Gambia, West Africa. His reporting has shed light on the Kamanjo Saikouba Badjie Cultural Butusab Group, bringing attention to their supernatural performances and the rich cultural heritage of the Jola people. Through his work, Saliu underscores the significance of preserving Gambian culture and addresses the challenges cultural groups encounter in sharing their art forms with wider audiences.

As a reporter, columnist, and the mind behind DTourisphere—an online platform focusing on tourism, culture, heritage, and entertainment news—Saliu has contributed to various sections of the Daily Observer newspaper, including Diplomatic Suites, Crime Watch, Panorama, and Tourisphere. His Tourisphere column is particularly dedicated to tourism and culture in The Gambia, offering insights into the sector's dynamics and developments.

Saliu's engagement with the tourism industry is extensive. He collaborates with tour operators, the Gambia Hotel Association, and educational groups visiting the Smiling Coast of Africa. He maintains a close relationship with the Ministry of Tourism and Culture and its satellite institutions, such as the Gambia Tourism Board, National Centre for Arts and Culture, and the Gambia Tourism and Hospitality Institute. His freelance work includes covering various tourism activities for publication. Additionally, he has served as a committee member of the annual Akwaaba African Travel Market Exhibition in Nigeria, further cementing his role as a key influencer in the Gambian and regional tourism and cultural sectors.

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Clutching well-sharpened knives in their hands without missing the tempo of the music and sound of the flute (freilaaf) with the banging metals (balenseghahu) that give melodious danceable tune, the men of culture and tradition dressed in baggy trousers..

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