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Yusef Taylor

Banjul, Gambia
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About Yusef
Yusef is an editor for an online news and radio website called Gainako News. www.gainako.com He writes articles and stories focussing on good governance, human rights, and justice. He hosts radio programs on Gainako Radio which are available on SoundCloud. His flagship program is JoglenTahaw (Get up stand up) and Informed Citizen.
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Senegalese Authorities Postpone February Presidential Election Against ECOWAS Protocol

07 Feb 2024  |  gainako.com
Senegal's presidential elections scheduled for 25th February 2024 have been postponed to 15th December 2024, a move against the ECOWAS protocol which mandates elections to be held as per constitutional or electoral law dates. President Macky Sall's announcement came just before campaigns were to start, citing an investigation into two Constitutional Council Judges. This has led to political crisis and criticism from the League of Imams and Preachers of Senegal. The Senegalese Parliament passed a bill for the postponement after opposition members were evicted. Comparisons are drawn to a similar situation in The Gambia in 2017. ECOWAS's response to the crisis has been deemed ambiguous and insufficient by critics. Media outlets like Walf TV have been suspended, and there have been internet shutdowns and arrests of advocates, politicians, and journalists.

GPN Anti-Corruption Edition Details Ports Scandal and More

25 Aug 2023  |  gainako.com
The Gambia Parliamentary Newsletter's Anti-Corruption Edition covers the journey of the Anti-Corruption Bill in the Gambian Parliament since 2019, the country's struggle with corruption, and the sole conviction for corruption by the current government. It includes an investigation into a Gambia Ports Authority corruption scandal, the sale of over D1 Billion of former President Jammeh's assets by the Ministry of Justice, and financial misappropriation by the Gambia Media Committee and radio stations using COVID-19 funds. The edition also discusses the government's efforts to combat corruption and features stories on empowering women and recommendations to terminate the Nuimi-Hakalang Road project.

West African Coup Leaders Challenge ECOWAS Seven Day Ultimatum to Niger Coup Plotters

02 Aug 2023  |  gainako.com
Following the detention of Niger's President Mohamed Bazoum by the Presidential Guard, ECOWAS demanded the Junta to relinquish power within seven days or face military action. Burkina Faso and Mali's military regimes expressed solidarity with Niger and warned that any military intervention would be considered a declaration of war. The Wagner Group also supported the Niger coup. Nigeria, particularly under President Bola Ahmed Tinubu, is expected to enforce ECOWAS sanctions. The ultimatum is set to conclude on Sunday, 6th August 2023, with the Junta seeking to formalize its leader as interim President.

UDP Sues Former National President and Nine of President Barrow’s Appointees

26 Jul 2023  |  gainako.com
The United Democratic Party (UDP) of The Gambia has filed a lawsuit against the appointment of six Presidential Advisors and four Foreign Affairs Diplomats, claiming these appointments contravene the country's constitution. The lawsuit, initiated by UDP Party Leader Ousainu Darboe's law firm, targets a former UDP National President and nine of President Adama Barrow’s appointees. The legal challenge is based on Section 170(1) of The Gambia’s 1997 Constitution, which restricts political activities of public servants. The UDP, along with plaintiffs Ebrima Dibba and Hon Madi Ceesay, assert that the appointments are unconstitutional and should be rescinded.

How The Gambia Will Re-Pay the $100 Million Africa50 SeneGambia Bridge Investment Deal?

15 Jul 2023  |  gainako.com
The Gambia's Ministers of Finance and Works addressed public concerns regarding the monetization of the SeneGambia Bridge after signing a memorandum of understanding with Africa50 for a $100 million investment. The deal, which does not require Parliamentary approval, will see the bridge's toll revenues used to repay the investment. The Gambia will benefit from upfront cash, dividends as a shareholder, and taxation from operations. The bridge will be managed by a joint venture, with The Gambia holding 12.5% of shares and Africa50 holding 87.5%. The agreement has a 25-year term with a 15% Rate of Return on Investment, which could end the deal sooner if met. The Gambia stands to lose potential revenue without factoring in operational costs, but will also gain dividends after payments to Africa50. The original financing for the bridge's construction included a significant grant and a smaller loan from the African Development Bank to The Gambia and Senegal, respectively.

Latest NAWEC Electricity Hike Ranks The Gambia as Fifth Highest in West Africa

30 Apr 2023  |  gainako.com
The Gambia's National Water and Electricity Company (NAWEC) announced a tariff increase effective April 10, 2023, which has positioned The Gambia as the fifth most expensive country for electricity in West Africa. The price hike of approximately 37% follows a 30% increase in transportation costs earlier in the year. A study by Cable.co.uk and additional calculations show that the cost of electricity in The Gambia has risen from $0.20 to $0.23 USD per kWh. The World Bank notes that electricity prices in West Africa are among the highest globally, with an average of $0.20 per kWh, and suggests that interconnecting power systems and pooling resources within the West African Power Pool could reduce costs and increase reliability.

MoJ Issues List Of 90 Adversely Mentioned Persons In TRRC Report

27 Jul 2022  |  The Standard Newspaper | Gambia
The Gambia's Ministry of Justice released a list of 90 individuals to be prosecuted or disciplined for human rights abuses during Yahya Jammeh's dictatorship. The Truth Reconciliation and Reparations Commission, established after Jammeh's 2016 electoral defeat, investigated abuses from 1994 to 2016. The list includes former government officials, soldiers, police officers, and intelligence agents. Some prison officers are recommended for prosecution, while two are commended for their service. The Minister of Justice, Dawda Jallow, emphasized the government's commitment to implementing the TRRC's recommendations. This action is supported by the International Center for Transitional Justice.

CepRass 2022 National Assembly Poll 77% Accurate

12 Apr 2022  |  theworldnews.net
The Centre for Policy, Research and Strategic Studies (CepRass) published a poll predicting the outcomes of the recent Parliamentary Elections in Gambia, achieving a 77% accuracy rate. The poll accurately forecasted the number of seats won by the National People’s Party (NPP) and the United Democratic Party (UDP), among others, but missed on some predictions, including the number of Independent Candidates elected. Despite skepticism from opposition figures like MC Cham Jr, the poll's overall accuracy was notable, particularly in predicting the decline of the Gambia Democratic Congress (GDC) and the performance of the Peoples Democratic Organisation for Independence and Socialism (PDOIS).

Has President Adama Barrow delivered on his promise to reduce unemployment?

02 Dec 2021  |  FactSpace Gambia
President Adama Barrow, who took office in January 2017, aimed to reduce unemployment in The Gambia through the National Development Plan 2018-2021. However, recent statistics from the Gambia Bureau of Statistics indicate that overall unemployment has increased from 29% in 2012 to 35.2% in 2018, and youth unemployment has risen from 38% to 41.5% in the same period. President Barrow attributed the failure to meet these targets to the economic impact of the COVID-19 pandemic, which has severely affected key sectors like tourism. As a result, the promise to reduce unemployment has not been fulfilled.

“Yusef Taylor - @FlexDan_YT” is a playlist of my most recent radio and recorded interviews featuring the President’s visit to the UK, inspirational speeches, interviews with KMC and Banjul Mayoral candidates, CSO, environmental pollution, illegal migration, women and youth issues and more.

Video interview with Hon. Alhagie Mbowe (NRP) member for Upper Saloum on his reasons why he said Yes to the amended Supplementary Appropriation Bill (SAB).

Video of EU-Gambia Sustainable Fishing Partnership Agreement, Media roundtable press briefing followed by debate.


22 Jan 2019  |  GAINAKO
Yusef Taylor discusses the energy crisis in The Gambia, highlighting the lack of stable energy supply in the Greater Banjul areas and rural regions. President Barrow's speech to parliament emphasized the urgency of resolving power supply issues. Barrow's proposal includes outsourcing rural energy to Senegal and purchasing a new generator to double capacity in the Greater Banjul Area. Taylor criticizes the lack of focus on sustainable energy solutions, suggesting the government should invest in solar and wind energy, and proposes the establishment of a Solar Academy in collaboration with Akon Light Up Africa to train Gambians. He also suggests that the government could have requested funding for a Solar Panel Factory instead of a conference center from China, to provide employment and address energy needs sustainably.

Falla Residents Face Eviction Amidst Land Dispute

10 Jan 2019  |  GAINAKO
Journalists Yusef Taylor and Muhammed MS Bah from Gainako investigated the situation in Falla, a village in Kombo South, where residents have been served eviction notices. The dispute centers around land claimed by Bai Bojang, who alleges it was given to him by his deceased grandfather. The Kombo South District Tribunal ruled in Bojang's favor, and the Sheriff Department is processing the eviction. Residents, particularly from the Manjago tribe, are at risk of homelessness and dispute the legitimacy of the eviction notices, as some claim they did not receive proper court summons. The journalists visited the Sheriff Department for clarification and were told by Deputy Sheriff Seedy Fatty that the case would be reviewed. The residents are standing firm against the eviction, and Gainako will continue to investigate the matter.

A Critical Look at The Gambia’s Budget Cycle

14 Dec 2018  |  GAINAKO
The article by Yusef Taylor critically examines the budget cycle of The Gambia and compares it with Rwanda's budget cycle. It highlights the inefficiencies and lack of transparency in The Gambia's budgeting process, including the absence of a legal requirement for citizen consultation and a misalignment with the financial year. The article emphasizes the importance of citizen engagement and the need for timely information for informed decision-making. It suggests that The Gambia's budget beneficiaries, its citizens, are not adequately considered, leading to potential misappropriation of funds and ineffective addressing of the population's needs. The author calls for reforms, including a law to compel citizen inclusion in the budget cycle, and questions whether the National Development Plan is truly reflected in the budget.

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