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Yuzuha Oka

Bunkyō-ku, Japan
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About Yuzuha
Yuzuha Oka is a business/tech journalist based in Tokyo. Her current beat is climate and she co-hosts a weekly podcast on climate and business. 

She has contributed to BBC, Reuters, ABC, the Japan Times, Sydney Morning Herald among others. She has professional experience in radio, online, print, and video. 

She is fluent in English and Japanese. She is passionate about understanding human behavior and especially loves audio storytelling.
English Japanese Korean
Video Package (Web / Broadcast) Audio package (Radio / Podcast) Interview (Video / Broadcast)
Business Technology Science & Environment

Dollar holds gains on higher Treasury yields, upbeat U.S. ADP jobs data

09 Mar 2023  |  www.dailymail.co.uk
The U.S. dollar remained strong against major currencies, supported by higher Treasury yields following a significant increase in U.S. private-sector jobs in February. The ADP National Employment Report indicated a larger-than-expected job growth, which has led to a high likelihood of a Federal Reserve rate hike. The dollar index was slightly up, and the 10-year Treasury yield reached its highest since December. The euro was near a one-week low, with the market anticipating the European Central Bank's policy meeting. Analysts suggest the ECB may adopt a hawkish tone due to rising economic growth and inflation. Upcoming elections in the Netherlands and France, with the rise of populist sentiment, are also influencing market volatility.

FOREX-Dollar retreats as U.S. Treasury yields come off highs

16 Feb 2023  |  Mail Online
The dollar retreated after reaching one-month highs due to upbeat U.S. economic data, as Treasury yields came off their peaks. U.S. inflation and retail sales data had initially boosted expectations of an early Federal Reserve rate hike. However, some analysts noted that the data might not be as strong as it appears, with industrial output and home builder sentiment showing unexpected declines. The dollar index and its value against the yen both fell, while the euro and Australian dollar saw slight recoveries. Fed Chair Janet Yellen hinted at more rate hikes but provided no specific timeline.

Introducing Top 10 health tech unicorns

21 Jun 2020  |  yuzuhaoka.wordpress.com
Samumed, a leading health tech unicorn, is gaining attention for its innovative approach to reversing aging through the regulation of adult stem cells, particularly via the Wnt pathway. The company is developing treatments for knee arthritis, hair loss, Alzheimer's disease, and oncology. A notable collaboration with L’Oreal aims to develop anti-wrinkle skincare applications. CEO Osman Kibar emphasizes the company's mission to restore youth and peak health.

Update on COVID-19 treatment + vaccines

07 Jun 2020  |  yuzuhaoka.wordpress.com
Eli Lilly has begun human trials for LY-CoV555, a potential COVID-19 antibody treatment designed to neutralize the virus by blocking its entry into human cells. The White House, according to the New York Times, has selected five coronavirus vaccine candidates, with an official announcement expected soon. There are currently ten vaccine candidates in clinical trials, with efforts focused on using existing drugs, discovering new drugs, and developing vaccines.

This Japanese medical IT company is less known, but has $23b market cap

17 May 2020  |  yuzuhaoka.wordpress.com
M3, a Japanese medical IT company, boasts a market cap of $23 billion, surpassing major companies like Panasonic and Nissan. Their core business, a medical platform launched in 2000, continues to grow, contributing significantly to revenue and operating income. Amid the COVID-19 pandemic, M3's online solutions for medical professionals have seen increased demand, with a notable rise in portal site visits and interest in telemedicine. The company is also exploring AI for diagnostic platforms, projecting substantial growth in revenue and operating income for FY2020.

Welcome to the future of health

10 May 2020  |  yuzuhaoka.wordpress.com
Yuzuha Oka, a Japanese tech journalist, introduces their weekly newsletter focused on the intersection of health and technology, especially relevant during the COVID-19 pandemic. The newsletter aims to cover crucial and light-hearted topics within the health and wellness industry.

Bubble Tea

21 Dec 2018  |  yuzuhaoka.wordpress.com
Bubble tea, a popular drink among Japanese teenagers in the 1990s, has made a comeback, especially among women in their 20s and 30s. Brands like Gong cha and The Alley are leading the resurgence, with Gong cha expanding significantly in 2018. The renewed popularity is attributed to the authentic taste of the tea, often sourced from Taiwan. Gong cha Japan's CEO, Ryosuke Kuzume, outlines their strategic approach to targeting customers and selecting store locations, emphasizing the importance of brand recognition and customer preferences.


04 Nov 2018  |  yuzuhaoka.wordpress.com
Kenyatta Cheese, co-founder of Know Your Meme and Everybody at Once, discusses the dynamics of viral content on the internet. He emphasizes that virality is not inherent in the content itself but in the network through which it spreads. Cat videos, for example, go viral due to a well-connected community of cat lovers across multiple platforms. Cheese explains that successful viral content often contains 'mini-moments' that can be easily shared and optimized for different platforms. He also highlights the importance of building strong relationships with audiences to navigate changes in social media platforms.

Jennifer Doudna

29 Jul 2018  |  yuzuhaoka.wordpress.com
Dr. Jennifer Doudna, a key figure in the discovery of CRISPR, discusses the latest applications of the gene-editing tool, her journey into the field of science, and her concerns about the future of CRISPR technology. She compares the potential public backlash to CRISPR with that experienced by GMOs and emphasizes the importance of public education on genome editing. Doudna is currently focused on understanding what makes us human and exploring which parts of the human genome could potentially be removed.

Dollar steadies on March rate hike prospects, euro slips

07 Mar 2017  |  www.dailymail.co.uk
The dollar maintained its gains on Tuesday due to the anticipated Federal Reserve rate increase in March, while the euro was affected by the French presidential election's political uncertainties. The dollar's rise was supported by Fed Chair Janet Yellen's statement on the appropriateness of a rate hike this month, contingent on jobs and inflation data. The euro fell amid scandal surrounding Francois Fillon and the backing he received from his party, despite allegations of misusing public funds. The yen saw a slight increase due to geopolitical tensions, including North Korea's missile launch and allegations by President Trump of wiretapping by former President Obama.

FOREX-Dollar perks up after Trump as Fed March hike comes in sight

01 Mar 2017  |  Mail Online
The dollar rose as Federal Reserve officials hinted at a potential rate hike in March, overshadowing President Trump's speech to Congress, which lacked detailed economic policies. The greenback gained against the yen and euro, with U.S. Treasury yields also increasing. Analysts noted mixed reactions to Trump's speech, with some viewing it positively despite the lack of specifics. The Mexican peso remained stable, while the New Zealand dollar weakened. Key figures from financial institutions provided insights on the market movements.

Dollar hovers near 3-1/2-week high after Yellen testimony

15 Feb 2017  |  dailymail.co.uk
The dollar maintained gains near a 3-1/2-week high following Federal Reserve Chair Janet Yellen's testimony, signaling a faster pace of U.S. interest rate hikes. Yellen expressed caution due to uncertainty over President Donald Trump's economic policies. The dollar index was slightly up, and the possibility of three rate hikes in 2017 increased. The euro faced pressure from French election concerns and Greek bailout talks, with no expected agreement by the upcoming Eurogroup meeting. Upcoming U.S. economic data releases are anticipated for further market direction.

FOREX-Dollar wallows near 7-week lows on Trump protectionism

26 Jan 2017  |  Mail Online
The dollar hovered near seven-week lows due to concerns over President Trump's protectionist policies, including the construction of a U.S.-Mexican border wall. Despite gains in U.S. shares and the Dow Jones Industrial Average surpassing 20,000, the dollar index fell to its lowest since December 8. Trump's business-friendly actions, such as reducing regulatory burdens and advancing oil pipelines, contrasted with his divisive immigration and national security plans, unsettling investors. The correlation between U.S. Treasury yields and the dollar weakened, reminiscent of the U.S.-Japan trade conflicts in the 1990s. The pound saw a slight dip but remained buoyed by hopes for a U.S.-UK trade deal.

FOREX-Dollar steadies ahead of Trump inauguration, euro rebounds

20 Jan 2017  |  dailymail.co.uk
The dollar maintained its gains on Friday as the market anticipated the inauguration of U.S. President-elect Donald Trump, while the euro saw a rebound after the European Central Bank decided to keep its negative interest rate policy and asset purchases unchanged. The dollar index was at 101.17, having risen on positive U.S. job and housing data. Investors are looking for Trump's inauguration speech for market direction, with concerns about potential protectionist rhetoric. The euro recovered after initially falling during ECB President Mario Draghi's speech, which highlighted ongoing inflation issues and the need for monetary stimulus in Europe. The dollar also held gains against the yen, with attention turning to upcoming economic data from China.

FOREX-Dollar dips on less-hawkish Yellen, awaits Trump inauguration

20 Jan 2017  |  Mail Online
The dollar weakened as Federal Reserve Chair Janet Yellen's comments on a gradual pace of rate hikes were less hawkish than expected. Investors are cautious ahead of President-elect Donald Trump's inauguration, with potential impacts on the dollar depending on his speech. The dollar index fell, influenced by strong U.S. job and housing data, while the euro gained following the European Central Bank's decision to maintain its negative interest rate policy. China's economic growth slightly exceeded expectations, driven by government spending and record bank lending.

FOREX-Dollar near six-week low, pressured by Trump's dollar comment

18 Jan 2017  |  Mail Online
The dollar index hovered near six-week lows, influenced by President-elect Donald Trump's comments on the currency's strength. Sterling edged down after a significant gain following British Prime Minister Theresa May's Brexit plan announcement. The dollar's decline deepened post-Martin Luther King Jr Day, with Trump's remarks on U.S. companies' competitiveness against China playing a role. The dollar had previously surged on expectations of Trump's fiscal policies but faced pressure from his protectionist rhetoric. The yen strengthened for seven consecutive sessions, while the euro and sterling saw fluctuations influenced by recent political developments.

Dollar edges up from 5-week low vs yen, markets brush off China trade data

13 Jan 2017  |  Mail Online
The dollar slightly recovered from a five-week low against the yen and stabilized against other major currencies, despite weaker-than-expected Chinese export data. The market's reaction was subdued to President-elect Donald Trump's recent press conference, which lacked details on fiscal stimulus plans. Analysts suggest the dollar may strengthen once Trump's policies become clearer. U.S. Treasury yields are expected to rise with inflation expectations, and upcoming U.S. retail sales data could influence the dollar's trajectory. The euro reached a two-week high, while the Chinese trade surplus decreased. The Mexican peso remains weak amid concerns over Trump's proposed trade policies.

The Japanese parents who apologise for their children

07 Jan 2017  |  www.bbc.com
The article discusses the perspective of Professor Sato on the differences in parent-child relationships between Japanese and Western cultures. Professor Sato suggests that while Western parents view their children as independent individuals, Japanese parents are more likely to consider their children as extensions of themselves, almost like possessions. This viewpoint implies that Japanese parents feel a sense of ownership over their children's actions, including their misbehaviour.

FOREX-Dollar holds gains at 14-yr peak on Trump trade, yield allure

21 Dec 2016  |  Mail Online
The dollar remains strong, nearing a 14-year high against the euro, driven by expectations of rising U.S. interest rates under the Trump Administration. The euro and yen have weakened, with the latter influenced by the Bank of Japan's policies. The Federal Reserve's recent rate hike and projections for further increases have bolstered U.S. Treasury yields. The British pound has fallen due to uncertainties surrounding Brexit.

Euro edges higher, holds near 3-week high as focus shifts to ECB

08 Dec 2016  |  www.dailymail.co.uk
The euro has seen an increase, trading near a three-week high against the dollar ahead of the European Central Bank's policy decision. The currency's focus was heightened after Italian Prime Minister Matteo Renzi announced his resignation following a referendum defeat. The ECB is anticipated to extend its quantitative easing program while maintaining its asset purchases at 80 billion euros. The dollar index fell near a three-week low, influenced by a decline in U.S. bond yields. The New Zealand dollar also strengthened, supported by positive economic outlook comments from the Reserve Bank of New Zealand. Moody's has shifted its outlook on Italy's bond rating to negative, highlighting financial risks and reduced prospects for economic reform.

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Western Sydney takes centre stage in close-run Australian election

30 Jun 2016  |  Mail Online
In the lead-up to the Australian general election, Western Sydney emerges as a critical battleground with several marginal seats. Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull's plan for 30-minute cities, including a A$32 billion infrastructure and urban renewal program, aims to create local jobs and reduce commute times. The region, known for its multicultural population and currently facing higher crime and lower employment, is also the focus of Labor leader Bill Shorten's job creation plans. Major construction companies are investing in the area, but the service sector has yet to follow suit significantly.

Western Sydney takes centerstage in close-run Australian election

30 Jun 2016  |  sg.news.yahoo.com
Western Sydney is a focal point in the upcoming Australian general election, with Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull's plan for 30-minute cities aiming to improve local infrastructure and job opportunities. The region, characterized by its multicultural population and economic challenges, is crucial for both Turnbull's Liberal-National coalition and the opposition Labor Party led by Bill Shorten. Turnbull's A$30 billion infrastructure projects and Shorten's promises for federal funding highlight the intense competition for votes. The article also discusses the potential economic impact and challenges of these plans, including the involvement of major construction companies and the need for local business support.

Western Sydney takes centre stage in close-run Australian election

30 Jun 2016  |  www.thestar.com.my
Mitchell Beckwith, a forklift driver from Western Sydney, exemplifies Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull's vision of 30-minute cities, where people can live and work within a short commute. This concept is a key part of Turnbull's ambitious urban development plan, which is a significant focus in the closely contested Australian election.

Western Sydney takes centerstage in close-run Australian election

29 Jun 2016  |  Metro US
In the upcoming Australian general election, Western Sydney is a key battleground with several marginal seats. Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull's plan for 30-minute cities, including a A$32 billion infrastructure and urban renewal program, is central to his campaign, focusing on jobs and wealth creation. The region, which has higher crime and lower employment, health, and education outcomes, is also a focus for the Labor Party, with leader Bill Shorten promising federal funds for local projects. Major construction companies are investing in the area, but there is a wage and services gap that may challenge the realization of Turnbull's vision. Some businesses, like Hugo Halliday, have already relocated to Western Sydney, anticipating growth.

What is Clubhouse and why is it so popular in Japan?

01 Jan 1970  |  www.japantimes.co.jp
Clubhouse, an audio-based social media app, has quickly become the most popular app on the Japan App Store, attracting significant attention from CEOs and celebrities. The app's rise in Japan is notable, and it has also provided a rare platform for uncensored debate in China. Meanwhile, Facebook is reportedly developing a competing product. Key figures in the discussion include Yuzuha Oka, Austin Freeman, and Oscar Boyd.

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