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Zeinab Kazemkhah

Tehran, Iran
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About Zeinab
zeinab kazemkhah is a cultural and social  journalist based in Tehran, Iran.
books translation: Last girl by Nadia Murad
The dictator's shadow : life under Augusto Pinochet by Heraldo Muñoz
Nothing to envy : ordinary lives in North Korea by Barbara Demik
‭ Children of monsters : an inquiry into the sons and daughters of dictators by jay Nurdlinger
Persian (Farsi)
Interview (Video / Broadcast) Fact Checking
Research Fact Checking

an interview with Housian Sanapour Iranian author

a report about Albert Camus

When the author holds the scissors and the beard

06 Mar 2017  |  www.magiran.com
The article discusses the challenges faced by writers who wish to have their work read and appreciated by others, emphasizing the primary motivation for writing as the desire for readership and feedback. It reflects on the historical human desire to share thoughts, dating back to early humans who engraved shapes on cave walls to express themselves and be seen by others.

I have never played against the people

13 Nov 2016  |  www.magiran.com
Hamed Behdad, an actor with a consistent presence in the Iranian film industry since 2000, is known for his dynamic and exciting roles. Despite his tendency for more intense characters, he has played a few calm and secluded roles throughout his career.

I have never been a stranger to society

23 Oct 2016  |  www.magiran.com
In an autumn afternoon, a conversation was held with Mahmoud Dowlatabadi about his book 'Bani Adam', which was published earlier this year. Unlike his usual writing habit, the stories in this new collection do not have a realist setting but are filled with imagination and sometimes illusion. Dowlatabadi expressed his own surprise at these stories and discussed how they are influenced by the societal atmosphere of recent years, touching on themes such as the lack of paternal authority in today's society and the issue of migration, which is a constant concern for him.

Etemad Newspaper (2016/09/14): An interview with Asghar Farhadi: Sometimes I need to take a distance and come back

14 Sep 2016  |  www.magiran.com
Asghar Farhadi, an internationally recognized director, is interviewed after four months of pursuit. The interview, limited in time, covers topics such as Farhadi's travels and whether being away from his culture affects his work. He is preparing to leave for Spain the next day to work on a film he is currently making.

The policy of silence that the Minister has adopted

15 Aug 2016  |  www.magiran.com
Ali Jannati, the Minister of Culture and Islamic Guidance, has faced numerous controversies since taking office, rarely having a peaceful day. His tenure has been marked by contentious issues, including being summoned to parliament to explain the screening of the film 'Tales' by Rakhshan Bani-Etemad. Challenges continued with the screening of the film 'Rastakhiz' and subsequent objections from representatives in the open session of parliament regarding the depiction of Imam Hussein's children, followed by protests from clerics on the matter, further complicating Jannati's position as minister in the eleventh government.

Always Forced to Go Your Own Way

06 Jun 2016  |  www.magiran.com
Swiss author Peter Stamm has had a diverse career, initially studying accounting and working in the field, then moving on to psychology with the aim of understanding people, and even dabbling in journalism. However, literature captivated him to the extent that he believed he could study people through the characters in his stories. Stamm sees his characters as extensions of himself, reflecting his youth and middle age, often portraying them as confused and lost.

I am an average filmmaker

06 Feb 2016  |  www.magiran.com
Kiumars Pourahmad's latest film, 'Where Are My Shoes?', addresses Alzheimer's and migration. Although Pourahmad states migration is no longer his concern, it prominently features in the film, which explores the loneliness of a man whose family migrated years ago. His daughter returns to Iran after many years, setting off a series of events. Pourahmad insists the film is not personal, save for one or two scenes. The idea came to him while writing for Film Magazine, where he ended up crafting a story about an old, lonely man with Alzheimer's on New Year's Eve.

I now better understand the global republic of literature

25 Jul 2015  |  www.magiran.com
Amir Hassan Cheheltan has a longstanding interest in history, particularly contemporary history, which is evident in his latest book. He creatively intertwines historical figures from a century ago into his narratives, regardless of whether they commit suicide or are killed, highlighting his unique approach to storytelling and his passion for history.

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