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Harare, Zimbabwe

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Zinyange Auntony

Zinyange Auntony is an independent multimedia journalist who has covered important stories in Zimbabwe & South Africa, also has a growing interest in telling under reported stories in Africa.



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A supporter of Movement for Democratic Change ‪MDC‬ wave a worthless $500 000 000 bearer's cheque, 23 June 2016, during anti-Mugabe protest in Mutare, Zimbabwe. Thousands of citizens from all walks of life took to the streets calling on the veteran leader to step down after 36 years of rule which have been characterized by a massive ‪Economic‬ meltdown, high ‪unemployment‬, ‪poverty‬ and ‪human rights‬ abuse.


Zimbabwe's former vice president, Joice Mujuru, has held her first rally in the opposition stronghold province of Matabeleland. Mujuru recently formed her own political party following her expulsion from the all-powerful ruling Zanu-PF party.

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