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Zoran Popovici

Brussels, Belgium
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About Zoran
Zoran Popovici is a video and photo journalist based in Brussels, Belgium.
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Media Partnership – Powering Carbon Neutrality by 2050: EDF’s Net Zero scenario unveiled

21 Mar 2024  |  EURACTIV.com
The European Union aims to achieve carbon neutrality by 2050, facing significant challenges in reducing fossil fuel dependency and increasing zero and low carbon energy capacities. EDF presents its latest scenario, emphasizing the role of electrification and new power sector dynamics in this transition. The event highlights the need for a balanced approach to decarbonization, ensuring social sustainability and energy security for European citizens and businesses.

Media Partnership – Rebuilding Europe’s business case: working against the clock

18 Mar 2024  |  EURACTIV.com
The European Round Table for Industry (ERT) is launching its latest Competitiveness and Industry Benchmarking Report, which will present 38 key performance indicators (KPIs) to assess Europe's competitiveness in comparison to global peers. The report will address areas such as the EU Single Market, technological leadership, regulatory environment, digital transformation, and the green transition, providing insights into Europe's strengths and areas for improvement as the European elections approach.

The future of EU forests – A new EU Framework for Forest Monitoring and Strategic Plans

20 Feb 2024  |  EURACTIV.com
The EU Framework for Forest Monitoring and Strategic Plans aims to establish an EU-wide forest observation framework using remote sensing technologies and geospatial data. This initiative focuses on climate change, biodiversity, health, invasive species, and forest management, enabling better forest management and timely action against disturbances. The proposal, expected by the end of 2023, includes strategic plans for forests developed by national authorities, outlining Member States' visions for their forests and forest-based sectors. Key discussion points include the proposal's effectiveness in protecting forests, identifying primary forests, and its impact on foresters and Member States with significant forestry industries.

A conversation about electric vehicles with Dr. Ir. Peter Tom Jones, KU Leuven

07 Nov 2023  |  EURACTIV.com
The documentary 'Made in Europe' explores the potential impact of Chinese electric vehicles on the European car manufacturing industry and the challenges Europe faces in establishing a fully integrated mine-to-EV value chain. Dr. Ir. Peter Tom Jones from KU Leuven Institute for Sustainable Metals and Minerals provides insights into these issues.

A conversation about electric vehicles with Dr. Ir. Peter Tom Jones, KU Leuven

07 Nov 2023  |  EURACTIV.com
The documentary 'Made in Europe' explores the potential impact of Chinese electric vehicles on the European car manufacturing industry and the challenges Europe faces in establishing a fully integrated mine-to-EV value chain. Dr. Ir. Peter Tom Jones from KU Leuven Institute for Sustainable Metals and Minerals provides insights into these issues.

Building trust: Rotterdam’s approach to citizen participation

03 Nov 2023  |  EURACTIV.com
Rotterdam is actively fostering citizen participation through various initiatives, including community-led projects and schemes designed by the municipality. Euractiv explores the city's participatory culture and the trust-building process between citizens and local government by engaging with city representatives, researchers, and inhabitants involved in these projects.

Analysing the Packaging and Packaging Waste Regulation – What are the implications for our forests?

24 Oct 2023  |  EURACTIV.com
The European Commission's revision of the Packaging and Packaging Waste Directive aims to ensure all packaging is reusable or recyclable by 2030, addressing the rising packaging waste in the EU. The proposal, voted on by the ENVI Committee of the European Parliament, seeks to reduce the environmental impact of packaging, particularly on forests, with paper and cardboard being the most common waste materials. Environmental organizations highlight the significant deforestation driven by paper packaging demand. The Euractiv Virtual Conference discusses the regulation's potential to reduce logging and explores alternative packaging options.

Sustainable Journey: Navigating the Future of Aviation

28 Sep 2023  |  www.euractiv.com
The European transportation sector is undergoing a transformation to achieve a 90% reduction in transport sector emissions by 2050, as part of the EU Sustainable & Smart Mobility Strategy. Air transport, a carbon-intensive sector, faces challenges in reducing emissions due to technological limitations. Centralny Port Komunikacyjny (CPK), a large infrastructure project in Poland, aims to become the first 'Net-Zero Ready' airport in the region, with sustainability at the core of its investment programme. CPK, in collaboration with LOT Polish Airlines and other industry stakeholders, will present their sustainable strategy at an event titled 'Sustainable Journey: Navigating the Future of Aviation', discussing the sustainability of European aviation and its global competitiveness.

What role will storage play in Europe’s future energy system?

21 Sep 2023  |  EURACTIV.com
The European Commission's Recommendation on Energy Storage emphasizes the critical role of energy storage in achieving a decarbonized and secure EU energy system. Energy storage solutions are essential for capturing excess energy from renewable sources and ensuring grid stability. Advancements in battery technologies and pumped hydro storage are making energy storage more efficient and cost-effective, thereby enhancing grid resilience and reducing reliance on fossil fuels. The development and deployment of these technologies are crucial for unlocking the full potential of renewable energy and mitigating climate change.

Media Partnership: An EU Ecosystem for Rare Diseases: The OD Expert Group proposals for navigating the challenges ahead

03 Jul 2023  |  EURACTIV.com
The European Expert Group on Orphan Drug Incentives (OD Expert Group) is organizing an event to discuss policy recommendations for improving the European legislative framework for orphan drugs. The event aims to create a resilient ecosystem for rare diseases by focusing on market exclusivity modulation and proposing an EU HTA methodology for OMPs. The group, established in 2020, includes a diverse range of stakeholders from the rare disease community and aims to foster collaboration and innovation.

Packaging and Packaging Waste Regulation – How can we make it work?

28 Jun 2023  |  EURACTIV.com
The European Commission proposed a revision of the Packaging and Packaging Waste Directive to reduce environmental impacts and improve market functioning. The revision aims to prevent packaging waste, promote reuse and recycling, and ensure all packaging is recyclable by 2030. Key measures include setting waste reduction targets and mandatory reuse targets. Stakeholders emphasize the need for realistic and complementary reuse and recycling targets, effective waste prevention measures, and careful evaluation of market restrictions to avoid negative impacts.

CAP reform – Is ‘social conditionality’ the answer for agri-workers?

26 Jun 2023  |  euractiv.com
The EU has introduced 'social conditionality' into the Common Agricultural Policy reform to address issues faced by over 10 million European agriculture workers, such as poor wages and long hours. This measure, which ties farmers' compliance with labor standards to CAP subsidies, is voluntary until 2025 but will then become mandatory. France, Italy, and Austria will implement it in 2023, and the European Commission will review its impact in 2027. Stakeholders are divided on the effectiveness and adequacy of national sanctions, with some advocating for a harmonized European approach.

To fight democratic backsliding and strengthen local democracy, cities have come up with creative tools that can boost citizen engagement, such as participatory budgeting and local consultations.

The Covid pandemic has rebalanced the relationship between Botswana and the EU. In this Over a Coffee, Botswana’s President Mokgweetsi Masisi and EURACTIV talk about his government’s handling of the pandemic and its economic and social effect.

As with other situations where disaster strikes, the war in Ukraine puts many people at risk. Not only from Russian military attacks but also at risk of exploitation by human traffickers keen to take advantage of the situation.


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