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Zubaida Mabuno Ismail

Zubaida Ismail is a broadcast journalist based in the Greater Accra region of Ghana. Formerly of the Media General Group in Ghana. Currently a freelance correspondent for Radio France Internationale Africa__Calling podcast with bylines from Radio France Internationale English.

I run a personal website where I tell the untold resilient stories of women from northern Ghana.

Digital story production and filmmaking.


A podcast on #landrights in Africa where I wrote on Ghana's perspective on access to farmlands by women in northern Ghana.


This story takes a dip into the royal wardrobe of the queen of Samni, Poanaa Shinga in the Mamprugu Kingdom in the Northeast region of Ghana. Story was entirely produces on mobile phone.


Special report: Zubaida Ismail takes a look at how alleged witches reintegrate into their communities as she follows one, Mma Wuriche, to her community after she spent several years in a witch camp.


Banished is a short television documentary which profiled alleged witches who have been banished from their homes in a village called Zarantinga in the north-east region of Ghana.


I visited Kigali in June and July,2019 during the celebration of the 25th Anniversary of End of Genocide and filed a survivor’s story.


This is a short documentary on Access To Healthcare by Alleged Witches in the Gambaga Witches Camp in Nalerigu is the North-East Region of Ghana. My intention is to expose the human rights abuses faced by these vulnerable women in their communities. It is also to draw the attention of policy makers to the rights of every citizen under the 1992 Constitution of Ghana and the many International Conventions and Treaties including the Sustainable Development Goals that Ghana has signed on and the blatant refusal to enforce the laws by the Law Enforcement Agencies.

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