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Find a freelance journalist in Nottingham

Find a freelance journalist in Nottingham

Paydesk has 4 journalists in Nottingham. Our journalists can do broadcast reports, as well as printed media and photography.

Our top journalists in Nottingham are Zina Fragkiadaki and Caroline Barry.

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Journalists in Nottingham

Zina Fragkiadaki

Nottingham, United Kingdom
I am a professional journalist with over 4 years experience. I hold a Master’s Degree in Investigative Journalism from the University of Gothenburg, Sweden. I am currently based in UK. Willing to cover stories in English or Greek.

My key qualities include the ability to conduct extensive Read moreresearch and industry analysis, to introduce new processes that improve editorial procedures/templates, and to increase reader engagement via successful integration of effective methodologies and SEO techniques. I hold certain skills that have been naturally progressive for me, such as my strengths in sourcing for potential content features, leading cross-functional teams across daily editorial operations and working collaboratively across all levels.

To connect with me and discuss further, I can be contacted at ******
Greek English
Vox Pop Feature Stories Content Writing
Business Current Affairs Investigative Reporting

Caroline Barry

Nottingham, United Kingdom
Caroline Barry is a journalist based in Nottingham, United Kingdom. She specialises in CBD, cannabis, hemp, LGBT+ culture and politics, ADHD and neurodiversity.
Feature Stories Fact Checking
Cultural Fact Checking

Jen Mellor

Nottingham, United Kingdom
Jen Mellor is a journalist and lifestyle blogger based in Nottingham, United Kingdom, known for her engaging online presence through her blog, Just Average Jen. With a focus on promoting self-love, confidence, and a healthy lifestyle, Jen has become a supportive figure for individuals embarking on Read moreweight loss journeys, including members of Slimming World. Her blog serves as a platform where she shares a wealth of lifestyle advice, from travel experiences and healthy recipes to exercise tips and weight loss guidance.

In addition to lifestyle content, Jen's blog features product reviews, giveaways, and shopping guides, catering to a wide range of interests among her audience. Her work in journalism is characterized by a commitment to providing her readers with informative and inspiring content, helping them to make positive changes in their lives.

Jen's approachable style and dedication to her craft have made her a respected voice in the media landscape. Her contributions to the field of journalism are marked by her ability to connect with her audience on a personal level, offering insights and support that go beyond the surface level of typical lifestyle reporting.

Gena Ng

Nottingham, United Kingdom
Gena Ng is a journalist based in Nottingham, United Kingdom.
English Chinese (Mandarin)
Feature Stories Content Writing Corporate Content
Technology Science & Environment Food & Drink
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