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Ike Onuoha

Ike Onuoha is a journalist based in Palmdale, CA, United States. aka Ike Onuoha EP of 'The Immigrant' is an LA based writer, director, journalist, actor, model and producer. Subscribe to STeeLE TV on YouTube...

Palmdale, United States of America

Abkhaz English



Jessica Cabezon Almeida

Jessica Cabezon Almeida is a journalist based in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, Spain.

Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, Spain

Abkhaz English Spanish



Victoria Herranz

Freelance Reporter Media coverage, breaking news and reports. Writer, Photo and Videojournalist. Victoria Herranz (Spain. 1983) Spanish freelance visual journalist focused on documentary and...

Tindouf, Algeria



abdullah hassan

abdullah hassan is a student in Kuwait University

Kuwait City, Kuwait

Abkhaz Arabic English



Abkhaz Speaking Freelance Journalists

paydesk has 8 reporters who speak Abkhaz. Our journalists can do broadcast reports, as well as printed media and photography. Our top correspondents who speak Abkhaz are Monica Monté and Jasmin Hrnjica. Use our journalist directory to find an Abkhaz speaking member to work for you.

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