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Divehi Speaking Freelance Journalists

Divehi Speaking Freelance Journalists

paydesk has 1 reporter who speaks Divehi. Our journalists can do broadcast reports, as well as printed media and photography. Our top correspondent who speaks Divehi is ALEMAYEHU SORI. Use our journalist directory to find an Divehi speaking member to work for you.

Journalists Who Speak Divehi

Alemayehu Sori

Minneapolis, United States of America
ALEMAYEHU SORI is a journalist based in Minneapolis, United States of America.
Avestan Amharic Aragonese
Video Package (Web / Broadcast) Audio package (Radio / Podcast) Interview (Video / Broadcast)
Current Affairs Fact Checking
Popular Countries
Burundi, Central African Republic, Ghana, Italy, Cambodia, Iraq, Switzerland, Laos, Ecuador, Colombia

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