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Herero Speaking Freelance Journalists

Herero Speaking Freelance Journalists

paydesk has 2 reporters who speak Herero. Our journalists can do broadcast reports, as well as printed media and photography. Our top correspondents who speak Herero are ALEMAYEHU SORI and Zack Baddorf. Use our journalist directory to find an Herero speaking member to work for you.

Journalists Who Speak Herero

Alemayehu Sori

Minneapolis, United States of America
ALEMAYEHU SORI is a journalist based in Minneapolis, United States of America.
Avestan Amharic Aragonese
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Zack Baddorf

New York, United States of America
I'm a journalist and filmmaker with more than 15 years of experience producing award-winning stories in more than 30 countries, including Syria, Ukraine, Afghanistan, Pakistan, the West Bank, Kashmir, and Iraq, as well as rebel-held territory in Sri Lanka and Burma.

I've reported for Al Jazeera Read moreEnglish, Newsweek, VICE, RYOT, NPR, BBC, CBS, AP, the Wall Street Journal, Seattle Times, and other international publications in video, radio, photo, and print formats.

Most recently, I spent a year working as a civilian videographer for the U.S. special forces command in Afghanistan. At rural, remote bases, I captured video of U.S. special forces and Afghan security forces.

I also work as an adjunct professor at New York University and New York Film Academy teaching public relations and broadcast journalism. I've got a master of fine arts degree in documentary studies, a master of arts degree in international relations, another master’s in public relations and a bachelor's in journalism.
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