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Find a freelance researcher in Rijeka

Find a freelance researcher in Rijeka

Paydesk has 1 researcher in Rijeka. Our researchers, usually professionally trained journalists, can perform: competitive analysis, economic analysis, industry and sector analysis as well as background research.

Our top researcher in Rijeka is Jelena Tomac.

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Researchers in Rijeka

Jelena Tomac

Rijeka, Croatia
My name is Jelena and I have 27 years. I live in Croatia, more precisely in Rijeka, a city on the northern coast of the Adriatic Sea, city marked by rich history, the ideal geographical location, multiculturalism and open-minded people.
After finishing high school, I attended law school and very Read moresoon I got interested in journalism, closely television journalism. So, I started to work as a reporter for a local television station, where I learned a lot, gained a wealth of experience and have established itself as a promising young journalist. My work consisted of research, field work, writing texts and editing and a range of topics which I dealt with was very wide - from daily news, politics and events through culture, health, sports to entertainment. After two years, due to financial reasons, I changed my employer to the other television network where I continue with similar work. Finally, I work for a private lifestyle television show as a journalist in marketing.
A year ago I graduated from college and acquired the title of Master of law and currently I am doing an internship in the legal profession. Also, I work as a freelance journalist, and more and more dedicate my free time to my hobbies - photography and filming. In that work I use Canon EOS 60D.
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