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Find a freelance researcher in Qadian

Find a freelance researcher in Qadian

Paydesk has 1 researcher in Qadian. Our researchers, usually professionally trained journalists, can perform: competitive analysis, economic analysis, industry and sector analysis as well as background research.

Our top researcher in Qadian is jasbir Singh.

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Researchers in Qadian

Jasbir Singh

Qadian, India
jasbir Singh is a journalist based in Qadian, Punjab, India.
As a distinguished correspondent for EasternHerald News, I specialize in reporting on a diverse range of topics, encompassing the dynamic political landscape of Punjab, India, as well as delving into the intricate geopolitical relations Read morebetween the United States and Russia. My expertise extends to the vibrant world of fashion, where I bring a unique perspective on the latest trends and developments. Additionally, I possess a deep understanding of Balkans affairs, offering insightful and comprehensive coverage. My role at EasternHerald News also includes editorial responsibilities, where I contribute to shaping the news narrative with a focus on accuracy, depth, and relevance.
English Punjabi
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Business Finance Politics
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