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Find a freelance drone pilot in Asmara

Find a freelance drone pilot in Asmara

Paydesk has 2 drone pilots in Asmara. Our drone pilots, who comply to all local laws and regulations and are appropriately licensed, can be used to capture aerial footage for any purpose: be it for film, broadcast tv such as news, or surveying of construction or agriculture.

Our top drone pilots in Asmara are Yosief Abraham Z. and Bahreselam.S Abraha.

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Drone Pilots in Asmara

Yosief Abraham Z.

Asmara, Eritrea
Yosief Abraham Z is a freelance journalist, news editor, reporter and content management writer for different local and international media outlets and he has been in the field for twelve years in reporting to named media centers across the globe.

 Documentary Films
 News Gatherings
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 Content Writing
 Breaking News
 Analysis and Researches

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Bahreselam.S Abraha

Asmara, Eritrea
Bahreselam.S Abraha is a journalist based in Asmara, Eritrea.
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Audio package (Radio / Podcast) Interview (Video / Broadcast) News Gathering
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