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Salamanca, Spain

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Alberto Prieto de Paula

Alberto Prieto de Paula is a photographer with an expierence of more than 20 years. He covered war and conflict zones like Syria, Iraq, Aghanistan or Liberia and Siera Leone.He published his work in New York Times, The Washington Post, The Telegraph, Die Welt, El Pais, El Mundo, Jornal du Dimanche, Knack, Istoé and for Associate Press. Beside photos he can do video pieces too.


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German Milan rocket bring victory against the IS The most important ally of the Kurds in the fight against the IS is Milan and comes from Germany. 17.03.15


Syrian Army Fights Back in Aleppo, Syria. July 2012


People carry a body of a person killed in clashes between rebels and Syrian government forces in Aleppo, Syria, on July 27, 2012


Rebels in Aleppo, Syria’s largest city, arrested a man on Friday who they said was acting as an informant for the government. Alepo, Syria, july 2012

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Members of Special Forces of Zeravani, one of the best forces in Iraq Kurdistan in the city of Sinjar. Sinjar, Iraq Kurdistan, 15-11-2015

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IS command base in Tall Hamis. Tal Hamis, 03-03-2015


Destruction of the streets of the city of Signjarl, days after the attack against the Islamic state. Singal, Iraq, 14/11/2015

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Photo published in Die Welt Photos and documents days after they kicked out the Islamic State. Sinjar, 14-11-2015

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Photo published in Sonntagszeitung Sniper training with live ammunition on the base of the Syriac Military Council in Rojava, north of Syria. 21-04-2013

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Foto publicada en New York Times/AP Un grupo de combatientes del Ejército Libre Sirio opositores al gobierno conducen a un detenido acusado de ser un 'shabiha '(paramilitares no oficiales del régimen de Al Asad) a una de sus bases. Alepo, Siria, 27-07-2012

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Combatientes del HPG, milicia del PKK en Iraq a las afueras del cuartel general, situado a aproximadamente una hora de Kirkuk, Iraq. 16-10-2014

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A peshmerga cries because the destruction of the streets of the city of Signjarl, days after the attack against the Islamic State (IS). Sinjar, Iraq, 14/11/2015



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