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Matia Samuel
WES Governor accused of sponsoring Tombura conflict

Juba, South Sudan • Politics

Tombura County Commissioner in Western Equatoria State in South Sudan has accused the governor of Western Equatoria State of being the mastermind of the communal violence conflict between the Azande and Balanda in his county

The violence has displaced a good number of civilians into UNMISS camps Read moreand churches
Danial Akram
China and France

Multan, Pakistan • Breaking News

At the Hungarian presidential palace, President Tamas Sulyok and Prime Minister Viktor Orban extended a warm welcome to Xi, showering him with military honors.

Xi's first trip to Europe in five years, the journey coincided with a turning point in China's ties with the three countries.

The Read morediplomatic ties between China and France celebrate their 60th and 75th anniversaries, respectively, this year. The trip also fell on the 25th anniversary of the Chinese embassy in Belgrade being bombed by NATO forces during Serbia's Kosovo War.

Analysts believe that Xi's primary goals in making the visit were to contain damage to China's ties to the European Union and to promote a less powerful US in the globe.
Danial Akram
US Election

Multan, Pakistan • Breaking News

Accepting the challenge, Donald Trump will compete against President Joe Biden in a newly formatted television competition.
In the lead-up to the November polls, US President Joe Biden has challenged Donald Trump, who is expected to be his primary opponent in the 2024 race, to two televised Read moredebates.

Accepting the offer without delay, Trump declared he would take on Biden at any time, any day.

Given the early date of the first sparring session, neither contender will have publicly accepted the candidacy of their party.

Additionally, there won't be a live audience for that discussion at least.
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