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Lawrence Kooko
Uganda's Alarming Road Crash Surge: A Call for Urgent Action

Kampala, Uganda • Current Affairs, Health & Fitness, Investigative Reporting

Uganda is grappling with a concerning surge in road crashes, resulting in tragic loss of life and injuries. As a journalism student passionate about impactful reporting, you have a unique opportunity to shed light on this critical issue. Let's delve into the details:
   According to the Read moreUganda Police Force Annual Report for 2023, road crashes increased by a staggering 30% from 3,210 in 2022 to 4,179 in 2023¹. These numbers represent real lives lost, families shattered, and communities affected.
   The burden of road traffic deaths falls heavily on pedestrians, passengers on boda bodas (motorcycle taxis), and the riders themselves. These vulnerable groups face disproportionate risks on Uganda's roads. My reporting will  humanize these statistics by sharing personal stories of those impacted.
I will  investigate the root causes behind this surge. Factors such as reckless driving, speeding, and distracted driving play a significant role. Additionally, poorly maintained roads and inadequate traffic enforcement among others.
  I intend to answer this questions;
1. How is the Ugandan government addressing this crisis?.
2. Are road safety campaigns effective?
3. What policies are in place, and are they being enforced?.
I will  Interview experts, officials, and NGOs working on road safety initiatives.
I intend to engage with survivors, families of victims, and local communities.
My  reporting has the potential to raise awareness, hold authorities accountable, and advocate for safer roads. By amplifying these stories, I'll contribute to a safer Uganda.
Hadi Zonouzi Asl
Land Subsidence in Iran: A Looming Geodynamic and Humanitarian Crisis

San Diego, United States of America • Politics

I'm writing to pitch a feature article on Iran's escalating land subsidence crisis. Fueled by excessive groundwater extraction, this environmental disaster poses an immediate threat to millions of lives, critical infrastructure, and historical landmarks.

My article will delve into the scientific,Read more social, political, and economic factors driving this crisis, offering a comprehensive and nuanced look at its causes, impacts, and potential solutions. It will highlight the human cost of subsidence, drawing on personal stories and expert interviews, and explore the regional and global implications of this unfolding catastrophe.

I believe this story is timely and relevant and has the potential to raise awareness and inspire action on a critical issue.
Rastynn Radvar
"Iran's Early Election: A Campus in Crisis,"

Tehran, Iran • Politics, Social, Breaking News

Dear editors,

I hope this message finds you well. I am writing to propose an article which delves into the unexpected early election in Iran and its reception among university students.

The piece offers an insightful exploration of the prevailing sentiments on campuses, revealing widespread Read moredistrust and apathy towards the electoral process. It captures the voices of students, highlighting their frustrations with the restrictive political environment, the enforcement of dress codes, and their broader disillusionment with the current regime.

Given the relevance of youth perspectives in shaping political discourse, I believe this article will combines first-hand student accounts with a broader analysis of the political dynamics at play, offering a unique and timely narrative.

I would be delighted to discuss this further and provide any additional information you might require.

Thank you for considering this proposal.
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