Ophaniel Gooding
War on Kush

Freetown, Sierra Leone • Current Affairs, Investigative Reporting, Social

Kush, a synthetic drug has ravage Sierra Leone to crisis levels, prompting the government to declare a national emergency. 
it's imperative that we delve deep into this pressing matter by doing an investigative piece. 

Here are a few key points the piece would shed light on:

1. The extent of Read moreKush consumption and its impact on communities across Sierra Leone, including its effects on public health, social fabric, and economic stability.

2. Investigation into the origins of Kush production and distribution networks, uncovering the individuals and groups behind its proliferation, and examining any potential ties to organized crime or external influences.

3. Analysis of the effectiveness of government measures in combating the Kush epidemic, including law enforcement efforts, public awareness campaigns, and healthcare initiatives.

4. Exploration of how the Kush epidemic is specifically impacting Sierra Leone's youth population, including its prevalence among adolescents, its influence on education and future prospects, and potential long-term consequences.

5. Consideration of the broader regional and international implications of the Kush epidemic, including its potential links to transnational drug trafficking networks and implications for regional stability.

This investigative piece basically aims to provide comprehensive coverage of this urgent issue, amplifying the voices of affected communities, experts, and government officials to foster greater understanding and drive meaningful action.

I am available to discuss this further and provide any additional information required.
Ecuatorianos se preparan para una consulta en medio de crisis energética y de seguridad.

Quito, Ecuador • Climate Change

El gobierno ecuatoriano ha declarado una emergencia eléctrica en medio de una sequía de sus principales embalses de agua y la supuesta corrupción de sus autoridades, señaladas de estar presuntamente involucradas en un colapso eléctrico,  por omitir desiciones que han afectado el sistema eléctrico Read morenacional.

 Frente a su principal oferta de campaña, el Presidente ecuatoriano Daniel Noboa asegura sin presentar mayores pruebas hasta la fecha, que el colapso energético tiene sus orígenes en supuestas intenciones políticas de sabotear su tan promovida consulta popular y referendum, que plantea reformas constitucionales en materia de seguridad, empleo y arbitraje internacional.
Aquí lo explico en el siguiente informe. 

Godfrey Mtimba
Zimbabwe' ruling party forces villagers to attend independence celebrations tomorrow , 18 April

Masvingo, Zimbabwe • Politics

Villagers from various districts in the country’s ten provinces have allegedly accused the ruling party of  forcing them to attend tomorrow’s independence day celebrations to be held in Buhera Manicaland after it allegedly dispatched  3 buses in each districts to ferry them. The villagers say Read moreruling has unleashed youths who are threatening them to attend or face severe punishment. The celebrations will be addressed by President Emerson Mnangagwa, to get comments to villagers, political commentators, opposition and riling party. Print and Radio.
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