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Muheet Ul Islam
Border Tourism Rising In Indian Kashmir

Srinagar, India • Politics, Current Affairs, Cultural, Travel

Respected Editor,

I hope this text finds you well. I am writing to propose a story from the Indian side of Kashmir. My focus is on the recent surge of tourists visiting border villages in Kashmir, a phenomenon that has gained momentum since the 2019 ceasefire agreement between Indian and Read morePakistani troops.

Gurez Valley, Tulail, Bangus Valley, and other remote regions, known for their extraordinary beauty, have remained largely unexplored due to the frequent skirmishes between the two rival forces. However, the ceasefire has transformed these areas into new tourist hotspots.

Residents of these villages have embraced homestays, welcoming tourists into their homes and significantly boosting their income. Previously, many of these villagers relied on the Indian army for their livelihood, working as helpers and goods suppliers. This newfound tourism has provided them with a sustainable and independent source of income.

Moreover, this influx of visitors has fostered a unique opportunity for people from both sides of Kashmir to connect. Numerous viral videos on social media depict heartwarming scenes of residents from Indian-administered Kashmir waving to their counterparts across the border in Pakistan-administered Kashmir.

I propose to cover this story for your organization if you are interested. I believe this narrative not only highlights the beauty and potential of these regions but also underscores the human connections transcending borders.

I look forward to your approval to proceed with this story from the region.
Josephine Mckenna

Rome, Italy • Travel

Venice is taxing daytrippers to try and deter the thousands who arrive every day.. Capri 's tiny beaches are crammed with more tourists than it has ever seen.. In Florence a tourist was caught simulating sex with a classic statue and another climbed to the top of the cathedral dome for a selfie.
Read moreIn Rome popular sites like the Colosseum are  being mobbed ..but there are long lines for taxis that never arrive and pickpockets are having a field day on the metro. 
The top destinations are being over run and Rome is expecting 30 million pilgrims/tourists for the Vatican Jubilee in 2025.  
Can the country cope???
Peter Bishop
Senator Praises Government's Efforts to Revive Deplorable Road Conditions in Grand Gedeh County

Monrovia, Liberia • Breaking News

During a press conference, Senator Zoe Emmanuel Pennue of the Coalitions for Democratic Change (CDC) expressed his appreciation "I am so grateful to this government, we will take this time to extend our thanks and appreciation to His Excellency President Joseph Nyuma Boakai Sr for the kind of hard Read morework, the kind of concern that he showed to the great people of Grand Gedeh County"
for the seven-month-old government's prompt response to the deplorable road conditions in his county "We been suffering for years, road has been a impediment in the southeast" He highlighted the significant impact "Roads brings development when there is no better road business people take advantage of our citizens" project along the Zedru-Ganta corridor, which has stimulated economic growth, and expressed his optimism for continued progress.
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