Godfrey Mtimba
Zimbabwe' ruling party forces villagers to attend independence celebrations tomorrow , 18 April

Masvingo, Zimbabwe • Politics

Villagers from various districts in the country’s ten provinces have allegedly accused the ruling party of  forcing them to attend tomorrow’s independence day celebrations to be held in Buhera Manicaland after it allegedly dispatched  3 buses in each districts to ferry them. The villagers say Read moreruling has unleashed youths who are threatening them to attend or face severe punishment. The celebrations will be addressed by President Emerson Mnangagwa, to get comments to villagers, political commentators, opposition and riling party. Print and Radio.
Tom Carstensen
Copenhagen's historical stock exchange burning down

København, Denmark • Business, Current Affairs, Cultural, Breaking News

The historical building of Børsen is burning in Copenhagen. This is the historical stock exchange. But has not been used as such since the 70’s. Now owned by a large industrial organisation. 

Implications are huge. The military has just arrived to help - the queens and kings guard from down the Read moreroad. 

The famous spire that is on ALL depictions of Copenhagen has just fallen. It is our Notre Dame. 

it is horrible for Danish culture. Lots of artwork in the building. Some have been saved. Former Minister and now head of the organisation in the building Brian Mikkelsen is on pictures seen carrying out artwork. 

Nearby parliament buildings are being evacuated.  

The Bulding was built in 1620 by the famous King Christina the Fourth. 

He Built a lot of the historical buildings in Copenhagen. He also bankrupted the country in the process. 

I’m available for work.
Max Takhar
Beyond the Headlines: A Foreigner's Exploration of Sanctioned Russia

Kaliningrad, Russia • Travel

Join me on an extraordinary journey across sanctioned Russia as seen through the eyes of an inquisitive traveller. In this gripping story, I will be on the ground a bold journalist who challenges conventional thinking to find the unseen stories and hidden realities of a nation under intense Read moresanctions.

Amid geopolitical tensions and international sanctions, Max Takhar takes us on a thrilling trip beyond the headlines, immersing us in the complex tapestry of Russian culture, history, and daily life. From the busy streets of Sochi to the lonely villages of Kaliningrad, every interaction and experience gives a peek into the intricacies of a country at the intersection of tradition and modernity.

Through frank interviews with locals, accidental encounters with fellow travellers, and personal musings, Max Takhar creates a vivid portrayal of the Russian people's tenacity, hospitality, and enduring spirit. Despite the difficulties and assumptions, our protagonist experiences moments of true connection and surprising beauty, challenging stereotypes and broadening our knowledge of this mysterious nation.
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