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Amy Fallon

I am a widely-published and versatile freelance journalist with 15 years' experience currently in Toronto, Canada. See for work. I am an Australian-Canadian dual citizen who has reported from across Africa, Asia, the UK, and Australia. I have been published with The Sydney Morning Herald, News Deeply, Devex, NPR, Thomson Reuters Foundation, AFP, IPS, most of the UK nationals including The Guardian and The Sunday Times, and Marie Claire among many other outlets. I have also done in-house shifts from newsrooms and magazine headquarters and communication consultancies for NGOs and worked as a staff reporter for AAP in Australia. I have covered a plethora of issues including news and politics, human rights and international development issues, entertainment, lifestyle, travel, tech and more. I am currently completing a masters in human rights part-time remotely. I am available for journalism commissions, in-house shifts, copywriting, content writing, communications consultancies, and other opportunities.




  • Canada's cannabis legalisation

    Toronto, Canada Business, Current Affairs, Cultural, Breaking News October 1 @ 12:00am

    Cannabis will become officially legal in Canada on October 17. If you're interested in or require coverage - from business pieces to tourism to women entrepreneurs - please get in touch as I have a number of stories I can write for you. Read more

  • South Africa's "ATM pharmacies" preventing patients from losing days waiting for medication

    Johannesburg, South Africa Business, Current Affairs, Breaking News December 31 @ 12:00am

    Nearly 70 per cent of patients in South Africa wait between two to five hours for a doctor’s consultation, according to government figures. But now technology which is the first of its kind in the world and has involved development partners working with the banking sector, has slashed this time down... Read more

  • Why do a running tour of a South African township?

    Cape Town, South Africa Cultural December 31 @ 12:00am

    "Sight running” tours are growing in major cities across the world, but in Cape Town one local now leads the tours of his township to international tourists in a bid to change negative perceptions of the country. Vinnie was just 12 when his father was murdered. His unemployed mother raised him in... Read more

  • Exploring South Africa's most famous township by bike

    Johannesburg, South Africa Cultural December 31 @ 12:00am

    It’s an uphill ride most of the way. But a bicycle is a great way to see and experience the sights of Soweto - like Nelson Mandela’s house, a traditional women’s hostel from the apartheid era, the memorial marking the 1976 student riots, and a local beer tasting - gaining a better understanding of... Read more

  • Sneaker cleaning business growing at a steady pace in South African township

    Johannesburg, South Africa Cultural December 31 @ 12:00am

    In South Africa, especially in the country's townships, sneakers are the uniform du jour but the streets there are covered in dirt. One local started a company cleaning trainers after he grew tired of his mother yelling at him about his muddy footwear. Today he runs what's township's only service... Read more

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