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Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

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Andréa Magalhães

Andréa Magalhães is a journalist based in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.
- More than 20 years of experience, working for major newspapers, magazines, radio stations, and online media;
- Editor, reporter, and proofreader;
- Covering business, real estate market, design, architecture, culture, lifestyle, tourism, current affairs, and politics;
- Reports and interviews published in Brazil and abroad (O GLOBO, Jornal EXTRA, JORNAL DO BRASIL, CASA CLAUDIA, INTERNI, DDN, C3, DORCHESTER MAGAZINE etc.).


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A new urbanism was born in Rio de Janeiro city for 2014 FIFA World Cup and 2016 Olympics. Among the principal projects/programs related to this new urbanism, we can mention Porto Olimpico (also called Porto Maravilha). I took this picture of Porto Maravilha before it was concluded.


I have written this report on Brazilian real estate market for Dorchester Magazine (pages: from 64 to 69). For this very complete report, I have interviewed developers, brokers, builders, buyers, architects, and even politicians.



This is an interview I have done with Belgian architect Matthieu Van Beneden for the Podcast of ALTHERSWANKE magazine ( He moved to Rio de Janeiro city seven years ago. “In Brazil, architecture is more creative than in Belgium”, he says.



  • The past, present, and future of Rio's port area

    Rio de Janeiro, Brazil Current Affairs December 31 @ 12:00am

    In the colonial era of Brazil, Rio's port area was the principal entry of Africans in the Americas. Slaves, of course. Centuries later, the venue was completely abandoned, becoming dangerous to visit it (and this until a very recent time). With the 2016 Olympics, there were public and private works... Read more

  • Brazilians discover Portugal

    Rio de Janeiro, Brazil Current Affairs December 31 @ 12:00am

    Brazil's economic crisis deepens two serious problems in the country: unemployment and lack of professional perspectives, even for qualified and experienced people. In this scenery, many Brazilians have been moving to Portugal searching for better opportunities. The objective of this report is to... Read more

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