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Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

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Andréa Magalhães

Andréa Magalhães is a journalist based in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.
- More than 20 years of experience, working for major newspapers, magazines, radio stations, and online media;
- Editor, reporter, and proofreader;
- Covering business, real estate market, design, architecture, culture, lifestyle, tourism, current affairs, and politics;
- Reports and interviews published in Brazil and abroad (O GLOBO, Jornal EXTRA, JORNAL DO BRASIL, CASA CLAUDIA, INTERNI, DDN, C3, DORCHESTER MAGAZINE etc.).

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I have written this article to Zenger News (USA). It is on the increase of e-commerce in Brazil due to the coronavirus pandemic. The country gained 80,000 new virtual stores in the first three weeks of the pandemic, and online sales skyrocketed.

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I have written this report on Residency permits in the EU for Dorchester Magazine/ UK (pages: 48 to 52). For this article, linked to investments and European citizenship, I have interviewed attorneys, brokers, economists, and buyers.

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A new urbanism was born in Rio de Janeiro city for 2014 FIFA World Cup and 2016 Olympics. Among the principal projects/programs related to this new urbanism, we can mention Porto Olimpico (also called Porto Maravilha). I took this picture of Porto Maravilha before it was concluded.


I have written this report on Brazilian real estate market for Dorchester Magazine/ UK (pages: from 64 to 69). For this very complete report, I have interviewed developers, brokers, builders, buyers, architects, and even politicians.



This is an interview I have done with Belgian architect Matthieu Van Beneden for the Podcast of ALTHERSWANKE magazine ( He moved to Rio de Janeiro city seven years ago. “In Brazil, architecture is more creative than in Belgium”, he says.

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