Cindy Martin

Cindy Martin is a video and print journalist based in Los Angeles, United States of America. Among some of the companies she works for includes Sky News, Happs and the Associated Press, focusing on broadcast video and live-streaming from mobile phones. She's a Producer, On-air Reporter / VJ, and Shooter/DP. She's previously been staff at Reuters and Getty Images as well as worked for AJ+, JN1 and ABC News.


English Tagalog

On-air Reporter showreel


Short documentary I produced for Sky News of the violent eruption of the Kilauea volcano on the Big Island of Hawaii.


Exclusive story of Sir Philip Green - accused of sexual and racial abuse - in Tucson, Arizona. I produced this story where we tracked Green down in a health resort and got the only footage of him there. He aggressively confronted us, kicked my cameraman and almost took my phone off me.

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