Coco Liu

Coco Liu

Hong Kong Island, Hong Kong

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Coco Liu

Coco is an award-winning journalist, writing primarily about energy and climate change for a global audience. She has reported from across Asia, particularly in China, on topics ranging from carbon trading to sustainable logging. Her work appears on the New York Times website and in Scientific American. Coco won the second place of SEJ 2014 Outstanding Beat Reporting Large Market category.


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Emblazoned with a sign that says "Save Kathmandu," battery-powered autorickshaws are among the smallest and least-familiar models in the world's growing fleet of electric vehicles.


The tiny country’s leaders have no urge to restrict the energy and chemicals industry


China is burning less coal due to a changing economy and government action


Chinese companies press forward with plans to process coal into other fuels, despite water scarcity and excess climate change pollution


Pollution cuts come to small business in China, aiding efforts to curb global warming

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