Dariusz Kalan

Dariusz Kalan

Warszawa, Poland

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Dariusz Kalan

Dariusz Kalan is a Central Europe correspondent. His work appears regularly in local and international press, in publications such as Foreign Affairs, EUobserver, Interfax Global Energy, Polityka, The National Interest and Prospect Magazine, among others. 

He has reported from Bratislava, Bucharest, Budapest, Sofia, Warsaw, Zagreb, Washington DC and western Ukraine on a wide range of topics, including changes in Hungary under Viktor Orbán, the rise of the far right in Slovakia, a gold rush in Romania, an oligarchic system in Bulgaria, the automotive industry in Hungary, and the gas market in Central Europe. He has conducted numerous interviews with politicians and experts, including the prime ministers of the Czech Republic, Hungary and Slovakia.

Currently, he works for his first story for Politico Europe. 

As an expert of international affairs, he has been interviewed by the BBC World Service, Voice of America, The Guardian, Associated Press, and many local news agencies.

His full portfolio: https://www.clippings.me/dkalan




  • The Public Enemy of Central Europeans Illiberals: A Journalist

    Warszawa, Poland Current Affairs April 2 @ 12:00am

    Illiberal leaders in Hungary, Poland and Slovakia have long showed a similar distrust to independent media and journalists. Slovakia’s PM called them “anti-Slovak prostitutes”, while largest opposition newspapers in Hungary were shut and then taken over by pro-governmental oligarchs. In Poland, the... Read more

  • Polish Humanitarian Workers in Syria

    Warszawa, Poland Current Affairs April 3 @ 12:00am

    While Poland as a country is barely present in Syrian crisis, refusing to take a single refugee and offering very limited aid for Syria, Polish humanitarian workers have been involved in helping the Syrians from the very beginning. I would talk to representatives of two most important Polish... Read more

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