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Douala, Cameroon

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France 24

Irene Fon

Irene Z. Fon  is an Independent Journalist|Filmmaker, passionate about telling stories out of her community that resonate with a global audience. 

She produces media packages for news outlets and media businesses in different formats including audio, video, photos and articles.  Her audio has aired on France 24, her videos broadcast on ZoominTV, and her articles and photos published in the Global Press Journal. 

She is an alumna of The Media Project`s 2011 Documentary Filmmaking Workshop, a fellowship programme which was followed by her production of three short documentaries. She was also the selected Nominee from Cameroon, for the 2012 U.S Presidential Debates & Battleground State Campaigns Reporting Tour.


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Making Eco-friendly Coal - is a video on how eco-friendly charcoal is made out of household waste.


Here`s a link to a video shot for zoominTV, about the practice of breast ironing in Cameroon.


Your trash can save your wallet and the planet- is a video on young entrepreneurs in Cameroon who buy waste to transform into charcoal, to reduce deforestation of Mangrove in their community.


Here is a link to some published articles and photos, on the Global Press Journal.

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