Jim Kovpak

Jim Kovpak

Kyiv, Ukraine

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Jim Kovpak

Jim Kovpak is a freelance journalist currently based in Kyiv, Ukraine. Prior to that he lived in Moscow for over 10 years. He visited Ukraine's Donetsk Oblast several times in 2015, including in the front-line city of Avdiivka during combat. Has worked as an interpreter, fixer, and interviewer in addition to writing. Featured as a guest on Sky News, CBC, France 24, TRT World, BBC Radio, CBS Radio and Настоящее Время. Also worked on the documentary program American Assassin for The History Channel. 

I've been published in Russia! Magazine, The Guardian, The Moscow Times, Voice of America, Open Democracy, and Cracked.com.


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Description of my trip to Avdiivka with colleagues from Cracked.com.


Debut at Cracked.com.


First in a three-part series of an impromptu journey through the Donetsk oblast- no fixer. Parts II and III appear at the end.


Analysis of expat perceptions in Russia.


Analysis of Russia's "information war."

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Abandoned apartment, Avdiivka, Ukraine. The building was in the process of being restored after suffering damage from artillery bombardment.

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Sloviansk, Donetsk Oblast, Ukraine 9 May 2015

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