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Martin Buzora

Martin Buzora is a CSA-nominated director and cinematographer working around the globe. His latest documentary short, The Story of Pema (2019), is the first of its kind by a Western filmmaker to come out of remote and forbidden Tibet. The film gives us a rare glimpse into a politically volatile land whose nomadic cultures are rapidly disappearing. Martin’s documentary series Kenya Wildlife Diaries (2016) chronicled some of the most important anti-poaching work in East Africa, and was nominated at the Canadian Screen Awards for Best Factual Series and Best Cinematography. Martin’s brand of storytelling illuminates the struggles of seldom seen characters, and gives voice to those who aren’t really heard. 

Martin is currently on the ground, filming the story of Hong Kong as it unfolds today.

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THE DODO - Giraffe Rescue

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1st Place Winner of the 2019 “Envision Kindness” photography contest, “The Caretaker”. We spend so much of our energy trying to find civilizations elsewhere in the universe, without realizing that the intelligent aliens we're looking for are often right under our noses here on Earth. Elias Mugambi is employed as a ranger on Lewa Wildlife Conservancy at the foot of Mount Kenya. He understands that just because we have the power to destroy other living things, does not give us the right. He recognizes the sentience of non-human beings, and protects those who do not have a voice. If there is any hope left for wildlife on Earth, it is because of people like him.


Poaching scene from “Kenya Wildlife Diaries” documentary series.


“The Story of Pema" gives us an exceedingly rare glimpse into a sacred, forbidden land. With the rapid modernization of China, the nomadic cultures of the Tibetan grasslands are rapidly disappearing. This film is not only a love song to an ancient nomadic way of life, but also an anthropological record of a culture whose survival into the future is unclear.

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