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London, United Kingdom

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Matthew Dunne-Miles

A Digital Journalist communicating real stories. 

Previous bylines have included The 'i', WOW247, The Scotsman, The Set Pieces and Edinburgh Evening News.

My full portfolio can be found at



Legendary Hollywood actor Stephen Tobolowsky stopped by the #WOWwagon to tell us about his Fringe show The Tobolowsky Files, share some of his amazing anecdotes, and re-enact that scene from Groundhog Day.


Online stores and high street chains have put the squeeze on independent bookshops over the years, but a select few are still thriving in Scotland thanks to their unique selections and one-of-a-kind feature


Ask Irvine Welsh about the new Trainspotting movie. Go on – I dare you.


Want to see your city in a different light? Perhaps it’s time you took a microadventure in Edinburgh.


The BBC has reimagined Porridge in the modern day as part of its new sitcom series, but is there anything to laugh about in the modern prison system?


To those outside the game, it seems incredible that there has still never been an openly gay footballer in Britain's top leagues. But are attitudes starting to change among fans?

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