Melissa Chemam

Melissa Chemam

Paris, France

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Melissa Chemam

Freelance journalist, working for radio, TV and print. 
Between France and UK, Europe and Africa.

Author of "En dehors de la zone de confort" ("Out Of The Comfort Zone"), a book on the story of Massive Attack's art and music and their city, Bristol, including their beginnings and relations with other local artists (Tricky, Smith & Mighty, Portishead, Banksy, Martina Topley-Bird, Damien Hirst, etc.) To be published in the UK/US in 2018.

I've worked with France24, the BBC World Service, Reuters, Think Africa Press, TV5, Le Figaro, RFI and RFI English, France Culture (Radio France), Deutsche Welle, i-télé, Vox Africa, Al Qarra, the Canadian Broadcast Corporation, CCTV, etc. I mainly cover international news and cultural events.

Travel-lover, passionate about Africa, Europe, literature, music, arts, I was born in Paris, and later I lived in the USA (Miami), Prague, London and in Africa: Bangui (CAR), Kenya, countries where I was a correspondent.
I've also been reporting in Haiti, Uganda, Ethiopia, Somalia, Algeria, Morocco, Niger, Senegal, South Africa, Tunisia, Liberia. 
I also travelled to India, Italy, the Balkans, the Caucasus, Mexico, Austria, Germany, Spain, etc. 

I am now based in Paris, and travel regularly.
 I cover different issues: migration issues, the refugee crisis, European suburban cultures, interactions between culture and politics, Africa/Europe relations, African politics, environment, healthcare, human rights.
I'm also writing my first book and developing documentary projects, mainly in France, the UK, Central and Eastern Africa, Turkey and nearby.

I work both in French and English.




My interview with Frequency 21 Magazine about Massive Attack, Bristol and of course Banksy, ahead of my book release.


"Refugees welcome?" After the closure of the Calais migrant camp, my article on French charities calling for more state help


"Belfast: Walls Beyond Wars": my article on street artists in Northern Ireland, turning away from the old angers


"Bristol’s Wild Style" My article about Bristol's art scene for the Public Art Review (USA)

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Out in France first, my book, about Massive Attack and Bristol, "Out Of The Comfort Zone", will be released in the UK in 2018. An interview with BBC Radio Bristol:


Paris attacks Saturday November 14, 2015 France is in shock and today begins three days of official mourning. The city and the country are still under a state of emergency. There's a strong military presence in the capital. And all of this comes as Parisians mourn their fellow citizens who were killed in the act of simply living their lives. Melissa Chemam is a freelance journalist based in Paris. She gave us an overview of the situation Paris awoke to after a night of atrocity.


CBC - Day 6 special coverage: Paris attacks France is on a high security alert after a multiple shooting at the headquarters for a French satirical newspaper in Paris today. French President Hollande calls it a "terrorist attack." Twelve people are dead, including the editor and cartoonist, and 2 police officers. Freelance Reporter Melissa Chemam joined us from Paris to tell us more.


Bristol European Green Capital 2015 series part 1/ 3 By Melissa Chemam The British city of Bristol has been named the European Green Capital 2015. In the first of a three-part series, RFI reports on the city's green credentials.


Report on Nigerians in the UK: A look on the coming election by Melissa Chemam in Bristol, England, UK While upcoming Nigerian elections have raised concerns all over Africa and beyond, they are particularly watched in the UK, where live the largest part of the Nigerian Diaspora. Nigerians abroad cannot vote; they have to travel home and be registered in Nigeria to be able to cast a ballot. But the links between Nigerians in England and in Nigeria remain strong; lots of businessmen travel between the two continents and lots of Nigerian students move to England to get a degree, particularly in Bristol where Listen here: Nigerian community is wide and vibrant.


Les Matins - Charlie Hebdo : la France face au terrorisme ? (01/09/2015) Gilles Kepel, Politologue, professeur à Sciences Po, spécialiste de l'islam et du monde arabe En deuxième partie : Trois jeunes interrogent Gilles Kepel : Mehdi Guiraud, Data journaliste pour - Mélissa Chemam, Journaliste indépendante - Ambre Philouze-Rousseau, Etudiante en histoire et sciences politiques


Published on 16 May 2014 More than 75 percent of the Central African Republic's working population relies on agriculture, but years of conflict and instability have stifled economic growth, as well as reduced crop and livestock production. FAO has launched a major operation to distribute seeds and tools in the country, where some 1.6 million people are in urgent need of food. The pictures in this slideshow are courtesy of Melissa Chemam and the WFP.


Sudan: Interview with Dr Mariam Alsadig Almahdi Melissa Chemam from Al Qarra TV interviews the Sudanese leader and opposition member of the Umma National Party Dr Mariam Alsadig Almahdi- also an advocate for human rights, democracy and women's rights (24.11.2012)


THE CURRENT | Jan 9, 2015 | 21:41 Media split on publishing Charlie Hebdo Prophet Muhammad cartoons - Jan 9, 2015 An update from reporter Melissa Chemam on the hostage crisis in Paris. Plus, in the aftermath of Wednesday's attack, journalists are divided on whether re-publishing Charlie Hebdo cartoons of the Prophet Muhammad in solidarity is essential or offensive.


Interview with Thierry Vircoulon, researcher for the International Crisis Group (2012) DRC: Negotiations open with the M23

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Tipaza, near Algiers, in Algeria, November 2013: Looking for Albert Camus' heritage in North Africa, on the centenary of his birth.

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Women's march from Taksim to Galata, Beyoglu, Istanbul. March 8th, 2015 "We want the streets and the nights", they claimed!

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Publié le 27-02-2015 Modifié le 27-02-2015 à 14:30 Transition verte: la livre de Bristol défie la livre sterling:


The U.N. Security Council was sending a delegation in the Central African Republic (CAR). Melissa Chemam spoke to Africa Advocacy Director at Human Rights Watch, Annecke Van Wounderberg, for RFI English.


Melissa Chemam on Niger military coup (2009) on the BBC World News.

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