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Seattle, United States of America

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Michael Venables

Independent journalist, content creator and corporate storyteller based in Seattle, United States of America, creating online and print content.

Experienced journalist writing on technology, science and culture with bylines in Forbes, Wired, Ars Technica and Medium. 
Creative copywriter for marketing, branding and social media efforts.
Writer experienced in Adobe Creative Cloud and various CMS platforms. 

Senior track record in the high tech industry on Agile teams:
Track record with both onsite and distributed, Agile teams in the high tech industry in:
sales, e-commerce, gaming and software industries (IBM, Amazon, Bungie and Microsoft). I've also worked as an educator, translator, localizer and interpreter. 

Writing, blogging, editing, photography, audio, video, HTML, CSS, Web production, Web development, Web metrics/analytics, project management, content management system (CMS) administration, search engine optimization (SEO), localization editing, localization testing, education, translation, interpretation.

Telling the whole story of Pompeii's history means speaking of patricians and slaves, prostitutes and gladiators as well.


Interview with actor Zachari Levi on learning STEM skills in schools, what digital literacies are and our changing relationship to technology.


Interview with Jared Diamond on his book, The World Until Yesterday, and reactions by Survival International regarding the book's research and the West Papua question.


Interview with Stephen Hawking (with Seattle press corps) at the Seattle Science Festival, 2012.

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