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Nuria Tesón

Independent spanish multi-media journalist and writer. Based in Istanbul (Turkey) and Cairo (Egypt), reporting from MENA (Al Jazeera, AJ+, Fox, Foreign Policy, DW, RFI, RCN Noticias, M'Sur, esglobal..., previously El País, CNN, SER, Cuatro...)

Nuria Tesón is a Spanish independent multi-media journalist and writer who lived in Cairo between 2009 and 2014 and is currently based to Istanbul. She is specialized in covering conflicts throughout MENA region (Egypt, Lybia, Gaza, Lebanon... ) thought she has experience covering different topics: sports, culture, environment... She holds a journalism degree from the Complutense University, and a master degree from the Universidad Autónoma University and EL PAÍS and developes her journalistic career in written press, television and radio. She works with AJ+ digital Al Jazeera venture as its freelance correspondent in Turkey. She has worked as staff member at the spanish newspaper EL PAÍS where she participated in several investigative coverages as Malaya, Gürtel... She worked also as a news editor. As an independent correspondent in Egypt she has been special envoy to the Lybian civil war, Operation Pillar of Defense in Gaza… She covered the egyptian uprising and transitional period in the Arab Spring countries for El País newspaper, Cuatro TV,  CNN+, La Ser radio, Noticias RCN, Mundo Fox, NTN24… 
She  is editor for M’Sur online magazine on political Mediterranean issues, coordinating a team of 20 correspondents in over 10 countries. Tesón is  co-author with the photographer Miguel Ángel Sánchez of El Alma del Mundo, (Lunwerg, 2012). This work has been exhibited in Conde Duque, Madrid (Spain).
Nuria Tesón is also a lecturer and speaker for different institutions specialized in Egypt, arab, and gender issues and gives talks to journalism students who want to cover conflict zones.

Would you trust a life jacket stuffed with grass? Some life jackets sold to refugees journeying from Turkey to Europe by sea are shockingly flimsy. But the industry has no problem staying afloat.


Millions of Syrians continue to flee their homes. We spoke with some of them about their reasons for leaving. Shot by video journalist Nuria Tesón.









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