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London, United Kingdom

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Philip Ittner

Philip Ittner is a journalist based in London, United Kingdom. 

Previously, he worked for CBS News for 15 years as a Producer and Reporter. Since 2008 he has been freelance for a number of news outlets including Al Jazeera, FOX, SKY and VOA.

Philip Ittner has been a journalist working on some of the most prominent news events of the last two decades. He covered the rise to power of Vladimir Putin in 2000. Following the 9/11 attacks Philip Ittner had a major role in the coverage of the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq. He has reported from many countries in the former Soviet Union, the Middle East and the European Union. As a one-man-band he was embedded with the US Military during the invasion of Iraq. Well versed in new media techniques he also reported as a one-man-band during the Russian invasion of Georgia. He also has covered the eurocrisis, the war in Ukraine and the Syrian refugee crisis.

Currently freelance and based in London, Phil Ittner is available to report on many different subjects. He has extensive contacts in many areas. He is an articulate and experienced reporter. Also technically savy he is a self-starter and self-reliant.




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