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Rosângela Lotfi

Rosângela Lotfi is a journalist based in São Paulo, Brazil. She’s working now with communication projects integrating journalism and internet, blog writer, publisher, 

Journalist with over 20 years of experience working in business and economics publishing with an emphasis on the automotive industry. I have worked in daily newspapers, monthly magazines, customized publications, and e-Government initiatives.
I made the transition from "declaratory" journalism to journalism of data, impact and investigation. I have critical thinking skills, healthy skepticism, the habit of asking questions, listening to answers and research to find relevant information about certain issues, beyond what the mainstream is already talking about.

Skills with open data, scraping and data mining and web pages, advanced search and in repositories of formats of legal, commercial, professional documents.

Report on economy, business, environment and many other issues with the "data pipeline" methodology, performing all steps of the workflow with data - search, scraping, cleaning, analysis and visualization. Working with databases to extract analysis and produce tables, graphs, maps and diagrams using a variety of software, web tools and basic Python programming scripts, Pandas analysis. Self-taught student of Python.

Part of open data groups, civic technology that opens those data independent of the format and they leave them accessible for the lay citizens.

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