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Sarah Brown

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
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About Sarah
Sarah Brown is a journalist with more than 7 years experience based in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. She mostly covers conservation and environmental news, including Amazon deforestation and Indigenous rights. Sarah has experience in-print and broadcasting as well as producing and editing audio and video documentaries. She has a solid network around Brazil for quotes and interviews including Indigenous groups, researchers and non-profits. She is available for travel, especially around Brazil and South America (she can speak English, Portuguese and Spanish).
English Spanish Portuguese
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Politics Current Affairs Science & Environment

Why you should change your Facebook password

14 Jun 2024  |  1Password Blog
Facebook revealed that 200–600 million user passwords were stored in plain text on an internal server, accessible by over 20,000 employees, with around 2000 accessing them. Although Facebook stated no passwords were leaked externally, users are advised to change their passwords as a precaution. The incident underscores the importance of using unique passwords for different sites. 1Password's Watchtower service helps users monitor and manage password security, alerting them to compromised logins and breaches.

Three Words that mean so much

04 Jun 2024  |  www.jdsupra.com
A UK technology company, What3Words, has developed a universal method for describing locations globally by dividing the world into 3x3 meter squares, each with a unique three-word address. This system simplifies navigation for various sectors, including emergency services, tourism, and drone operations. The technology is currently used in over 170 countries by organizations such as the United Nations and the Red Cross for disaster reporting and humanitarian aid. The What3Words app is available in 26 languages, with plans for further expansion.

New threats facing Ireland's seals

22 May 2024  |  Ireland's Wildlife
Ireland's two native seal species, grey seals and common seals, face significant threats from plastic pollution and climate change. Grey seals, with a stable population, are contrasted with the declining common seals, which are affected by disease, limited food sources, and climate change. Seal Rescue Ireland plays a crucial role in conservation efforts, focusing on immediate aid and long-term strategies through education and community projects. The article underscores the importance of seal conservation for the overall health of marine ecosystems and advocates for sustainable practices to protect wildlife.

The unforgiving hour: what our longer commutes are really costing us

Mandate100: A Fathom Special Issue

14 Apr 2024  |  fathomjournal.org
Fathom is commemorating the 100th anniversary of the Mandate for Palestine with a series of articles, interviews, and book reviews. The special issue will explore various aspects of the Mandate period, including British policy, the Yishuv and Palestinian National Movement, and the concept of 'Zionist settler colonialism'. Contributors include notable historians and writers, and the series will unfold over Spring and Summer 2020. The editors are inviting proposals for innovative perspectives and fresh research on understudied aspects of the period.

Jack Black Says “Turn on The Subtitles” To Help Kids Be Better Readers

13 Mar 2024  |  www.globenewswire.com
U.S. students' reading scores have plummeted, with less than 40% reading at or above their grade level. Turning on subtitles while children watch TV can significantly improve literacy, doubling the chances of becoming proficient readers. This simple, free solution is especially impactful in low socioeconomic areas where books are scarce but TVs are common. The movement, supported by celebrities like Jack Black and led by organizations such as PlanetRead.org and Turn on the Subtitles, aims to spread this message globally. Research shows that subtitles can lead to significantly better literacy outcomes, with India even passing a law to mandate subtitles on 50% of TV content by 2025.

Jack Black Says "Turn on The Subtitles" To Help Kids Be Better Readers

13 Mar 2024  |  investorsobserver.com
U.S. students face a literacy crisis with plummeting reading scores, and less than 40% reading at grade level, leading to significant societal costs. Turning on subtitles for children's TV viewing is presented as a simple, effective solution to improve literacy, with research backing its impact. Celebrity Jack Black and literacy advocates like Dr. Brij Kothari and Leib Lurie support the global movement 'Turn on the Subtitles', which has already aided over 400 million children. The initiative is gaining momentum with a push for more subtitled content and a campaign video by Jack Black.

Jack Black Says “Turn on The Subtitles” To Help Kids Be Better Readers

13 Mar 2024  |  www.einpresswire.com
U.S. students' reading proficiency has declined, with less than 40% reading at grade level and two-thirds of those not proficient by fourth grade facing jail or welfare. The Turn on the Subtitles campaign, supported by Jack Black and others, promotes the use of subtitles on TV to improve literacy, leveraging research showing its effectiveness. With 96% of U.S. households owning a TV, subtitles offer an equitable solution to the literacy crisis. India's recent law mandating subtitles on 50% of TV content by 2025 underscores the movement's impact, which has already helped over 400 million children.

Could the good news story about the ecological crisis be the collective grief we are feeling?

21 Nov 2023  |  Winnipeg Free Press
The article explores the concept of ecological grief, suggesting that collective mourning of environmental losses can foster resilience and solidarity. It highlights the importance of recognizing grief as a shared experience, rather than an individual one, and discusses how public mourning can act as a catalyst for change. The authors argue for a relational approach to ecological grief, emphasizing the interconnectedness of human and environmental health. The piece underscores the transformative potential of grief in driving collective action and resilience in the face of ongoing ecological crises.

WA Premier Roger Cook's furious letter to ABC chair Ita Buttrose complaining about the behaviour of a Four Corners camera crew at Woodside CEO's residence

12 Oct 2023  |  Mail Online
WA Premier Roger Cook has written a letter to ABC chair Ita Buttrose condemning the presence of a Four Corners camera crew at the residence of Woodside CEO Meg O'Neill during a protest by the Disrupt Burrup Hub group. Cook criticized the ABC for being complicit in the protest, which aimed to vandalize O'Neill's home. The ABC denied any collusion with the activists, stating they were unaware it was a private residence. The incident has raised concerns about media ethics and public safety, with Cook urging the ABC to reflect on its role.

What is a 'Hammer' Candle in Chart Analysis?

03 May 2023  |  FinanceBrokerage
The article explains the 'Hammer' candle in chart analysis, highlighting its significance as an indicator of trend reversal. It emphasizes that while the 'Hammer' candle can provide insights into market conditions, it should not be solely relied upon. The text also discusses Forex trading strategies, including Price Action and Scalping, offering advice on how to choose and adapt strategies based on market conditions and trader experience.

Childcare costs force one in four UK parents to quit work or education

11 Apr 2023  |  inkl
A significant portion of UK parents are quitting work or education due to high childcare costs, with 23% affected. The survey highlights the global early years crisis, with UK parents facing higher difficulties compared to other countries. Sarah Brown of Theirworld calls for urgent government action to prioritize early years spending. The UK government's recent budget includes increased childcare funding, but critics note delays in implementation. Personal stories, like that of Elvira Grob, underscore the financial strain on families. The article emphasizes the need for treating early years childcare as a public good.

The growing data skills gap and how to close it

13 Mar 2023  |  Business & Industry
Alteryx, an analytics automation company, is addressing the data literacy shortages by offering a no-cost educational program called SparkED to upskill a new talent pipeline. The demand for data skills has grown significantly, with 82% of UK jobs requiring digital skills and a third of those vacancies being hard to fill, impacting the British economy. Alteryx's Chief Advocacy Officer, Libby Duane Adams, emphasizes the importance of modern data analytics skills and the need for continuous learning in the workplace. SparkED provides certified courses in various analytics disciplines, aiming to make learners job-ready and productive from the start, thus benefiting businesses and future employees.

AVID Launches Ignite to Extend its Success in Helping to Retain Teachers and Transform Lives of Millions of Students in 7,500+ Schools

29 Nov 2022  |  EIN News
AVID announced the launch of AVID Ignite, a three-day summer professional learning event designed to support educators through interactive virtual learning and localized activities. The initiative aims to help educators plan for the year ahead and extend learning campuswide. AVID Ignite will offer six events in Summer 2023, featuring 34 Communities of Practice to cater to different educator roles and priorities. The program is part of AVID's broader mission to improve educator retention and transform student lives through professional development.

Book Launch: Haywire by Andrew Hindmoor

07 Nov 2022  |  The University of Sheffield
Professor Andrew Hindmoor, Co-Director of SPERI, announces his new book 'Haywire: A Political History of Britain Since 2000'. SPERI's Doctoral Researchers Network will host a nation-wide conference on emerging themes in Critical Political Economy on June 10, 2024. Additionally, SPERI will launch a podcast series titled 'Lessons in Power: What can the next Labour government learn from the last one?' in summer 2024.

Russian gas cuts to Europe are pushing Germany towards Asian coal, but the demand won’t last

11 Jul 2022  |  South China Morning Post
Europe's reduction in Russian gas imports has led to a temporary increase in coal usage, with Germany considering purchasing coal from Indonesia. However, this shift is seen as a short-term measure, with Germany and other EU countries still committed to phasing out coal by 2030. The article argues that the current energy crisis is accelerating the transition to clean energy in Europe and serves as a lesson for Asia to develop its own energy resilience. The analysis suggests that the additional coal required due to reduced Russian gas will not significantly impact EU carbon emissions and that longer-term climate goals remain on track.

How self-isolation looked around the world during the Covid-19 pandemic in 2020. This documentary was made while I was in strict government-mandated lockdown in Ireland.

A community of Indigenous Pataxó and Pataxó Hãhãhãe peoples has been made homeless for the second time in three years after the rain-swollen Paraopeba River flooded their houses and swept away their possessions.

Training on pasture recovery is a win-win for Brazil’s cattle ranchers and forests

12 May 2022  |  news.mongabay.com
A study published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences has shown that training Brazilian cattle ranchers in sustainable pasture restoration can lead to increased cattle productivity, higher revenue, and reduced carbon dioxide emissions. The study, led by Arthur Bragança from the Pontifical Catholic University of Rio de Janeiro, involved 1,369 cattle ranchers in the Cerrado savanna who participated in a government-led credit initiative known as the Low Carbon Agriculture program. The program provided low-interest loans for sustainable agricultural practices. Ranchers who received both group training and customized technical assistance saw a 39% boost in revenue and a significant reduction in carbon emissions over two years. The research suggests that improving pasture quality can help mitigate climate change and deforestation in the Amazon and Cerrado biomes by allowing for increased cattle numbers without the need for additional land. Experts emphasize the importance of technical assistance and policy improvements to enhance sustainable management and productivity among Brazilian producers.

Brazil’s temporary protection decrees fail to stop deforestation in Indigenous lands

15 Apr 2022  |  news.mongabay.com
The article discusses the failure of Brazilian government decrees to protect Indigenous territories from illegal deforestation and invasions. Despite a reported 83% reduction in deforestation, the Instituto Socioambiental (ISA) highlights that the temporary nature of land-use restriction decrees, which are now renewed every six months instead of three years, emboldens illegal loggers and ranchers. The ISA's report indicates ongoing deforestation and threats to isolated Indigenous peoples, particularly in the Piripkura Territory. The federal agency for Indigenous affairs, Funai, has been criticized for inaction. The article also covers the Free Land Camp 2022 in Brasília, where thousands of Indigenous people are protesting for land rights and against a bill that would allow mining on Indigenous lands. The protests aim to raise awareness and block legislation that threatens Indigenous land rights.

Brazil Congress fast-tracks ‘death package’ bill to mine on Indigenous lands

15 Mar 2022  |  news.mongabay.com
In Brazil, a massive protest, the largest environmental demonstration in Brasília, was held against a set of bills known as the 'death package.' These bills, supported by President Jair Bolsonaro and the agribusiness lobby, are criticized for promoting environmental harm and infringing on Indigenous rights. The protest included 150 Indigenous people from eight ethnic groups and was supported by celebrities like Caetano Veloso. The Chamber of Deputies fast-tracked a bill allowing mining on Indigenous lands, which is currently banned under the Brazilian Constitution. Critics, including the Indigenist Missionary Council (CIMI), argue that the bills are unconstitutional and threaten Indigenous lands and rights. Despite the protests, the fast-tracking of the mining bill passed, but activists and Indigenous leaders vow to continue fighting against the legislation.

Study finds Amazon-Cerrado transition zone heating up, becoming drier

07 Mar 2022  |  news.mongabay.com
The study discussed in the article highlights the increasing temperatures and prolonged dry seasons in the transition zone between the Amazon and Cerrado in Brazil, largely due to deforestation and global climate change. This has led to severe droughts and forest fires, making the region less suitable for agriculture. The study, which used meteorological and satellite data over four decades, found a significant temperature rise and a decrease in rainfall. The expansion of the agricultural region of Matopiba is cited as a contributing factor to these changes. The authors suggest that sustainable agricultural practices and environmental conservation are necessary to mitigate these effects. The article also touches on the economic impacts of droughts and the need for political action to address environmental concerns while supporting economic growth.

Brazil’s Congress passes bill to loosen pesticide laws, threatening environment and health

18 Feb 2022  |  news.mongabay.com
Brazil's lower house of congress has passed a bill, now pending Senate approval, that would deregulate the use of pesticides, potentially causing environmental harm and health risks. This bill, known as the Safer Food Bill, is part of a suite of legislation for 2022 that critics label as President Jair Bolsonaro's 'Death Package,' reflecting an anti-environmental and anti-Indigenous agenda. The proposed laws could lead to exploitation of Indigenous lands, weaken environmental protections, and allow carcinogenic substances in agrochemicals based on subjective risk assessments. Environmentalists, Indigenous groups, and other government agencies, including Anvisa and the Oswaldo Cruz Foundation, have expressed serious concerns. The legislation aligns with Bolsonaro's history of supporting agribusiness and undermining environmental regulations since his tenure began in 2019.

Fetal alcohol spectrum disorders: an overview of current evidence and activities in the UK

01 Jul 2021  |  Archives of Disease in Childhood
The article provides a comprehensive overview of the current evidence and activities related to fetal alcohol spectrum disorders (FASD) in the UK. It highlights the collaborative efforts of various UK-based institutions and researchers in addressing FASD, detailing their contributions and findings. The focus is on public health implications, medical research, and the roles of different organizations in advancing understanding and support for FASD.

Helping Rural Arkansans Gain Access to Mental Health Services

09 Dec 2020  |  www.kuaf.com
Johanna Thomas, an associate professor of social work at the Fulbright College of Arts and Sciences, discusses a collaboration with the Western Arkansas Counseling and Guidance Center in Fort Smith. The joint effort aims to improve access to mental health services for rural Arkansans and veterans.

Canada must find ways to better use health innovations, says new CIHR scientific director

26 Nov 2018  |  CMAJ
Dr. Rick Glazier, the incoming scientific director of the Institute of Health Services and Policy Research at the Canadian Institutes of Health Research, aims to improve health and healthcare in Canada by better utilizing research and innovations. With a background as a family physician at St. Michael’s Hospital and a professor at the University of Toronto, Glazier's research interests include health system transformation and equity in health. He emphasizes the importance of implementation science and patient engagement in setting research priorities. Glazier plans to listen to stakeholders to identify challenges and investment opportunities, and he acknowledges the role of technology in shaping future healthcare delivery.

Moving a Smart-Enabled Home: What Technology Should Stay Behind?

09 May 2018  |  MYMOVE
Smart home technology, such as smart security systems, lights, and climate control, adds value to homes and can be a selling point in real estate. Homeowners can take most devices with them when moving, but should consider the implications on the sale and potential legal issues. Surveys indicate that move-in ready homes with smart technology are highly desirable, and homeowners may sell their homes faster or at a better price by including home automation.

New $10billion funding plan for education is a global game changer

01 May 2018  |  gordonandsarahbrown.com
Gordon Brown announced a $10 billion plan to establish the International Finance Facility for Education, aiming to significantly extend the reach of aid money to address global education challenges. The initiative, endorsed by the UN and supported by major financial institutions, seeks to combat child labor, child marriage, child trafficking, and gender discrimination by ensuring quality education for all children by 2030. The plan also aims to leverage aid to generate substantial new educational investments, particularly in lower-middle-income countries, and is supported by a broad coalition of international organizations and civil society groups.

The pros and cons of tracking your sleep

09 Aug 2017  |  Daily American
The article discusses the advantages and disadvantages of using sleep trackers. It highlights the discomfort and potential inaccuracies of wearable devices, the need for long-term data collection, and the limitations compared to clinical studies. Conversely, it points out the convenience of digital recording, the potential for quick analysis and personalized recommendations, and the advancements in non-wearable sleep tracking technology. Experts like Dr. Christopher Winter and Richard Schwab provide insights, while companies like Hello Sense, ResMed’s S+, Beddit, and Beautyrest are mentioned as part of the evolving market. The article concludes that while sleep trackers may not offer immediate solutions, they provide valuable information for sleep improvement.

How to Install Kodi

01 Jun 2017  |  tomsguide.com
Kodi, an open-source media streaming application, can be installed on various operating systems and devices including macOS, Windows, Android, and iOS. The installation process is relatively simple and involves downloading the application, following setup instructions, and adjusting settings as needed. The guide also references the possibility of installing Kodi on streaming players like Amazon Fire TV.

5 Ways to Prevent Your Smart Home from Getting Hacked

14 May 2017  |  tomsguide.com
Smart home devices are increasingly common but pose security risks due to potential hacking through methods such as signal interception, software loopholes, physical tampering, password cracking, and malware attacks. To prevent such breaches, users should invest in encrypted, name-brand security systems, regulate third-party app access, maintain software updates, use strong passwords, and consider additional network security measures like firewalls. With over 25 billion devices expected to be connected to the internet by 2020, partnering with trusted security companies and practicing vigilant cybersecurity is crucial.

Eero Mesh Wi-Fi Router Review: Good, But Not Great

07 Apr 2017  |  tomsguide.com
The Eero mesh-router system, originating from a San Francisco startup, was one of the first on the market but now faces stiff competition. It is easy to set up and use, but has issues with dropped connections and performs better as a single router than in a mesh configuration. The Eero is more expensive than Google Wifi and offers less coverage per unit than Netgear Orbi. It lacks a third radio band for backhaul, unlike some competitors. The Eero's design is compact and it uses a Qualcomm Wi-Fi chip, but it is not MU-MIMO capable. Performance tests showed that Eero's throughput decreases with distance and when additional nodes are added. The Eero system offers good security features and is easy to set up, but requires a constant connection to Eero's servers. The review suggests Google Wifi for budget-conscious consumers and Netgear Orbi for those willing to invest more.

Identity Theft vs. Credit Card Theft: What's the Difference?

21 Feb 2017  |  tomsguide.com
The article distinguishes between identity theft and credit card theft, outlining the differences, consequences, and recovery processes for each. It emphasizes the growing threat of personal information security and provides practical advice for prevention and management. Identity theft is categorized into three types by the Justice Department, and the article highlights federal laws that protect consumers from fraudulent charges. It also discusses the emotional impact of identity theft and recommends consulting federal resources and a therapist if victimized.

Schools of Hope

20 Jun 2016  |  Project Syndicate
On World Refugee Day, Sarah Brown reflects on the plight of Syrian refugees like Mohammed, a student in Turkey, emphasizing the importance of education in humanitarian crises. Theirworld has campaigned for a double-shift school system, successfully implemented in Lebanon, Jordan, and Turkey, to educate refugee children. Turkey has spent over $8 billion on the crisis, providing school places for Syrian children, with the EU pledging €3 billion to support refugees. The Education Cannot Wait fund was launched at the World Humanitarian Summit to finance education in emergencies, aiming to reach over 13.6 million children. The article calls for the release of promised funds to ensure education for all refugee children.

Data encryption: A how-to guide for real estate professionals

13 Jun 2016  |  Inman
Real estate professionals handle sensitive client information, making data breaches a significant threat to both clients' financial security and the professionals' reputation. Encryption is a key method for securing data, and real estate agents are encouraged to use technologies such as full disk encryption (FDE), email, chat, and cloud encryption, as well as mobile message encryption to protect personally identifiable information (PII). The National Association of Realtors (NAR) and the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) have issued warnings about the risks of hacking, and the NAR offers an online Data Security and Privacy Course to further educate on increasing PII security.

Britain must not turn its back on child refugees in Europe

27 Apr 2016  |  www.mumsnet.com
The article advocates for Britain to accept 3,000 lone child refugees from Europe, criticizing the British Parliament's decision to vote down the proposal. It highlights the efforts of various organizations and individuals, including Theirworld, Citizens UK, Save the Children, and Lord Dubs, in supporting the campaign. The House of Lords has backed the bill, and the article urges readers to sign a petition to influence MPs to reconsider their vote. The piece emphasizes the humanitarian obligation to protect vulnerable children and prevent further tragedies.

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