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Sharon Kiburi

Sharon .W. Kiburi is an independent data journalist. She is very passionate about development stories with the incorporation of data. She hopes through the art of storytelling to influence and impact policies to serve the mass majority. She has a keen interest in development data features news in Technology, Human rights, Health, Agriculture and finance. 

She works closely with the association of freelance journalists who own and runs an online publication,, a regular contributor. I also contribute to Standard media group, Citizen digital and Zenger News, among others. 

She is a graduate of Daystar University class of 2017 and 2014 communication electronic media major. She has  in my line of work-life acquired professional training in: 
1.Data at Knight Center for journalism Austin Texas & the Aga Khan School of graduate. 
2.Digital Identity by Witwatersrand University in South Africa.
3.Journalism in pandemic now & future by Knight Center for journalism Austin Texas. 
4.Equity in data journalism by Knight Center for journalism Austin Texas.
5.Reporting gender-balanced features "Risk Communication" from African women in media (AWIM).
6.Security of Journalism by article 19 Easter.
7. Fact-checking by Africa check and facilitated by transparency international.  
8.Television production by Media development in Africa (MEDEVA).


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