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Shershah Nawabi

Shershah Nawabi is a journalist based in Kabul, Afghanistan.
Mainly I have reported for Afghan local TV’s and also worked as a guide with Indian and German journalists. I am able to do TV live- Phone calls with several TV and radio stations abroad. 
I am an Afghan citizen and working with Afghan media since 2010, I have Bachelor’s degree in journalism, from Kabul University. I started my professional carrier officially in 2012 with a local TV in Afghanistan called Khurshid TV. I have worked as a war correspondent and News manager and reported from the frontlines of the country. Currently working as Founder and CEO of Pasbanan Media Group, which is launched in 2017.
What can I do? as a journalist I am well known and capable of copywriting, article writing analyzing daily issues, pitching counter-terrorism, politics, economics, corruption, and even social subjects. Even I can shoot videos, edit them, and also I have the capability to work will all TV, Radio, Newspaper and even websites.
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