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Thessaloniki, Greece

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Sumeyye Nur Unver

Worked and studied in overseas countries of United States, Italy, Iran, China and Turkey. Before the coup happened on July 15th, I was an official journalist in Turkish Radio and Television (TRT) which belongs to Turkish Government. I’m a criticize, visionary and entrepreneur person.

2008-2011, worked as an graphic editor. And between 2011-2013, I had over 60 interviews and articles about life styles, TV programs, producers and traditional medicine published by Turkish Government Journal.

Journalists need in everywhere. Its very important for the human as like a water to keep alive. This is the reason why Im in this platform.


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I was a journalist in Turkish Radio and Television before Erdogan kicked me out:) This article is in Turkish and about a book designer named Meliha Babalik who lives in Konstantinapoli.

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