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Born  in August 1979 in the sub prefecture of Sikensi

2004-2005:                  “ BTS”  degree (senior technician certificate), Business Management  
2002-2004 :                Eligibility diploma of  BTS  (senior technician certificate ), Business       
                                       Management option
2001-2002:	      High school diploma in literature
May  2014-2015                    ● Voice of America / BBG 
                                                Coordinator & Event planner Spotlight Sida launching concert                                                 
2014 - 2015                           ● Ylysys France                       
                                               Technical  Assistant  in charge of sales and services           
                                               Of IP telephony
2011 - 2014                          ● Wendy & Co
                                                 Supervisor In charge of operations
2010  - 2011                            ● Orange-Côte d’Ivoire/Côte d’Ivoire télécom
- in charge of identification of service and  orange money at  Côte d’Ivoire Telecom in Bonoua
2009 / September                   ● Kheops Marketing Research (KMR):
                                  - in charge of  a customer  satisfaction study and responsible for image of  BIAO CI Bank 
2008 - 2009                         ● Kheops Marketing Research (KMR)
                                 In charge of market study for cigaret outlets /PHILIP MORIS
2005 - 2007:                       ●  SONPLUS  sales Manager


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