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Yura Melko

Hello! My name is Yuriy Meko. I'm freelance VJ reporter currently covering Ukrainian crisis. Worked as a videojournalist and videographer with Fusion, Motherboard, The Times, The Guardian. Areas of interest - Politics, Busines, Conflicts.

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Fact Checking

In March 2014, a group of Ukrainian journalism school graduates began the “Stop Fake” project in Kiev to fight back against Russian propaganda campaign against their country. The group analyzes and exposes fake news on social media and Russian media outlets during a weekly, online show that has reached 1.5 million unique visitors. Watch as we enter the newsroom and witness how this grassroots organization makes sense of the modern information war.


The commander of the Ukrainian Aerorozvidka unit, Natan Chazin, explains the the importance of a drone his unit shot down this month. Chazin explains that the recovery of the the Israeli-made drone, called the Searcher 2, lasted two days as Ukrainian troops battled to reach the wreckage, saying this is indicative of the aircraft's importance.


As Western leaders discuss fresh peace proposals, fighters and civilians on the front lines are bracing themselves for a protracted and bloody war


Crowd-funding campaigns can raise money for some pretty wacky projects, such as asteroid defense or images of brains on LSD. But rarely do you hear of campaigns raising funds for military equipment. Enter the People’s Project, a volunteer-led organization based in Ukraine that has a section currently raising funds for a military drone.

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