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Corsican Speaking Freelance Journalists

Corsican Speaking Freelance Journalists

paydesk has 2 reporters who speak Corsican. Our journalists can do broadcast reports, as well as printed media and photography. Our top correspondents who speak Corsican are ALEMAYEHU SORI and Giacomo Sini. Use our journalist directory to find an Corsican speaking member to work for you.

Journalists Who Speak Corsican

Alemayehu Sori

Minneapolis, United States of America
ALEMAYEHU SORI is a journalist based in Minneapolis, United States of America.
Avestan Amharic Aragonese
Video Package (Web / Broadcast) Audio package (Radio / Podcast) Interview (Video / Broadcast)
Current Affairs Fact Checking

Giacomo Sini

Livorno, Italy
Giacomo Sini is a journalist/photojournalist based in Livorno, Italy.

Giacomo born in Pisa, (Italy) in 1989 but has always been living in Livorno. In 2014 he obtained a degree in social sciences at Pisa University. By several years of work, has passed through fifty countries documenting their Read moresocial and political realities. Passionate about the Middle East and Central Asia, has shooted many times the realities of conflict in Syria, Lebanon and Kurdistan. He is interested mostly in refugee’s stories from conflict and post conflict areas and cultural reports. His works have been published in The Guardian, Vice Magazine, El Pais, Neon Stern Magazine, L'Express, Humanité Dimanche, Venerdì Repubblica, D Repubblica, Il Manifesto, Internazionale, Fq Millennium (Fatto Quotidiano), Corriere del Ticino, NZZ, Die Zeit, Taz, National Geographic, The New Internationalist, Al Jazeera, Freitag, Der Spiegel.
Corsican English Spanish
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