• Antigua & Barbuda Elections - Post Irma

    Saint John's, Antigua and Barbuda Politics, Current Affairs, Natural Disasters 22 Mar 2018

    Six months after Hurricane Irma ripped through Barbuda, the Gaston Browne administration called a snap election. The poll comes more than a year early. Residents from Hurricane-ravaged Barbuda for the first time will have to travel to Antigua to vote as election authorities said they could not make... Read more

  • Abducted School girls released in Nigeria

    Jos, Nigeria Breaking News 22 Mar 2018

    Breaking  There are reports of jubilation from Dapchi town in Yobe State over the purported return of some of the abducted schoolgirls on Wednesday. There is heavy security presence in the town, making it difficult for reporters to gain access to Dapchi. One of the parents of the missing... Read more

  • Photo of Johan Verheyden
    Johan Verheyden
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    Canada sending troops to UN peacekeeping mission in Mali

    Bamako, Mali Politics, Current Affairs, War Reporter 24 Mar 2018

    It's Canada's first mission in Africa since the tragic Somali and Rwandan operations. The Canadian military will deploy helicopters and support troops, including medical teams, to the troubled West African nation of Mali later this year, CBC News has learned. It's likely that the Royal... Read more

  • Photo of Tom Carstensen
    Tom Carstensen
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    Submarine Murder - Suspect takes the stand

    København, Denmark Current Affairs, Breaking News 24 Mar 2018

    Todays day in court is going to be Peter Madsens statement and him being questioned by the prosecutor and defence. I'm available for updates if needed. Read more

  • Photo of Mahmud Mohammed-Nurudeen
    Mahmud Mohammed-Nurudeen
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    Unsung Hero: SHS leaver gives hope to the hopeless

    Kumasi, Ghana Science & Environment, Investigative Reporting, Social 30 Mar 2018

    This is about a 33-year old woman who is dedicating her time on hundred disabled persons, vulnerable among other sick people in one of the poorest region in Ghana. Cynthia is raising money from her small business to cater for the needs of the people- taking care of their education. She... Read more

  • The Biz Lounge

    London, United Kingdom Finance 30 Mar 2018

    I produce a daily 2 minute video for UK investors in stocks - looking at a particular stock, and 'big boss' focus - from business, sports, showbiz, etc. The aim of the videos is to make investing ideas available to non-professional investors in a friendly and easy to access format. Read more

  • Caracas Diary -- The Venezuelans Left Behind

    London, United Kingdom Current Affairs 30 Mar 2018

    STORY with EXCLUSIVE PICs Hundreds of thousands of Venezuelans have flocked across the land border into Columbia and Brazil, seeking refuge from chronic shortages of food and medicine, a collapsed currency and rocketing crime rates. But what is life like for those left behind? Eileen Byrne... Read more

  • Photo of Tom Carstensen
    Tom Carstensen
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    Sub marine murder case started today - the 8th of march

    København, Denmark Current Affairs 31 Mar 2018

    Trial has begun today. I’m following it closely, if anybody need something over the next days. First bit of news. Police have found internet searches on torture on Madsens computer 16 hours before he took Wall on the boat Read more

  • Photo of UWIMANA Eugene
    UWIMANA Eugene
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    The press conference with the Spokesperson of Rwandan Government Louise Mushikiwabo

    Kigali, Rwanda Current Affairs 31 Mar 2018

    Today, at 10AM the minister of foreign affairs, the Rwandan government spokesperson, Mushikiwabo Louise is holding a press conference about different issues tackling on African Union,East African Community and Rwanda. If you feel interested please contact me in case you need any balance. Read more

  • Photo of Mahmud Mohammed-Nurudeen
    Mahmud Mohammed-Nurudeen
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    Making strives

    Kumasi, Ghana Business, Finance, Science & Environment, Natural Disasters, Entertainment & Celebrity, Food & Drink, Health & Fitness, Medical, Paranormal, Investigative Reporting, Research, Cultural 31 Mar 2018

    It is about Salifu Mohammed who seeks to transform the world through Technology and Innovation. Salifu completed Senior High School in 2016 in the northern region capital, Tamale in Ghana. He has so far manufactured a Torchlight out of scraps to help communities without lights. He has been... Read more

  • Far-Right Set to Win Costa Rica's Elections

    San José, Costa Rica Politics 31 Mar 2018

    Elections will take place this week in Costa Rica, with a tropical version of Trump ( currently leading the polls. A runoff vote will be held in April. The far-right and the religious parties are taking the lead, with frontrunners Juan Diego Castro and Fabricio Alvarado,... Read more

  • Albania between dams and tourism

    Tiranë, Albania Science & Environment 31 Mar 2018

    Albanians are largely discussing whether dams or tourism is more important in the country when 500 new dams are planned to being build in national parks. Read more

  • Photo of George Citroner
    George Citroner
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    Breakthrough blood test first ever to detect Parkinson's

    New York, United States of America Medical 31 Mar 2018

    About one million Americans have Parkinson's disease. That's more than those living with multiple sclerosis, Lou Gehrig's disease and multiple sclerosis - combined. The vast majority of Parkinson's sufferers are over 50 years old. According to a recently published study, researchers have modified... Read more

  • Albanian police they have seized 613 kilograms (1,350 pounds) of cocaine

    Tirana, Albania Investigative Reporting 31 Mar 2018

    Albanian police have seized 613 kilograms (1,350 pounds) of cocaine that arrived in the country in a shipment of bananas from Colombia. How Albania became a hub of cocaine smuggling from Latin America to Europe... Read more

  • Photo of Bedeskoe Tumbay
    Bedeskoe Tumbay
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    Tuition Assistance Provided to Children of Visually Impaired

    Monrovia, Liberia Investigative Reporting 01 Apr 2018

    MONROVIA, Montserrado – Primary school education is one of the building blocks of life. However, for children living in poverty in Liberia, the likelihood of accessing and completing their primary school education cycle is substantially reduced. Those chances are even worse for children of... Read more

  • Photo of Cristian-George Gherasim
    Cristian-George Gherasim
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    Bucharest eat with strangers trend

    București, Romania Cultural 05 Apr 2018

    Got an idea about an piece on a new trend that's gaining speed in Bucharest. Peer-to-peer dining. It's about bringing strangers into your home and cooking for them for a fee. I know a person who is developing this endeavor. He's very passionate about cooking, and this allows him to both exercise... Read more

  • Talented refugees and how to find them

    Barcelona, Spain Investigative Reporting 01 May 2018

    We've reached 2018 and refugee crisis is still in full force. Many countries are still struggling with the amount of refugees they have without being able to find a way to incorporate them into the society or integrate them. We also have the debate about economic refugees and what is right and wrong... Read more

  • Photo of Aymara Defeche
    Aymara Defeche
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    Haley Viloria Surprising the world With its extraordinary body flexibility in the Cirque Du Soleil

    Liège, Belgium Cultural 11 May 2018

    Viloria is a young talented American artist daughter of Venezuelan father and American mother, at 25 years of age, has seven surprising the world with its extraordinary body flexibility. He has worked in important circuses of international renown, such as Cirque du Soleil. The secret of her... Read more

  • 2018 RHS Chelsea Flower Show

    Littlehampton, United Kingdom Cultural 26 May 2018

    Bespoke story and/or images about the flower show, from Celebraty apperances to the best of the gardens. This year the RHS have made three smart moves for 2018: first, a new evening opening on Friday 25 May (8-10pm) which will give more people a chance to enjoy a balmy (fingers crossed)... Read more

  • Photo of Jackie Guigui-Stolberg
    Jackie Guigui-Stolberg
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    The Right Snuff!

    München, Germany Cultural 30 Jun 2018

    Bavaria: The Snuff Capital of the World. Bavarians are wonderfully fun-loving, traditional-culture-loving people who enjoy all manner of sensual delights, among them beer, folk music, and snuff. Snuff has a centuries-old tradition here and there are quite a few different words for it in the local... Read more


    Toronto, Canada Story Location is India Medical, Social 30 Jun 2018

    The story of Calcutta Rescue will resonate with readers who (appreciate that a sincerely well-intentioned non-governmental organization can work wonders when given the opportunity and when its organizers have unparalleled determination. Calcutta Rescue has operated in Kolkata and parts of rural... Read more

  • Photo of Mohammad Zubair khan
    Mohammad Zubair khan
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    campaign to free Kaavin, a male elephant in the Islamabad zoo.

    Islamabad, Pakistan Social 03 Jul 2018

    After the tragic tic death of the female elephant suzi in Lahore zoo, the animal right group is now running the campaign to free Kaavin, a male elephant in the Islamabad zoo. The worldwide right group appeal of the Pakistan... Read more

  • Sofa for Sale in Dubai

    Dubai, United Arab Emirates Business 04 Jul 2018

    Wish to have modern amenities according to your room dimensions. Buy our luxury sofa set, beds, sacs, available in different sizes & design as per your need. Read more


    Kibera,Nairobi, Kenya War Reporter 01 Aug 2018

    Today morning a group of women in Kibera took it on the streets at Olympic kibera area to call for peace and the stoppage of violence against women and all forms of extra judicial killings .This has been happening as the result of the unrest that erupted in parts of the slums in Nairobi Kenya... Read more

  • Denied a future – ‘Illegal Syrian resident children attend ‘free’ school’

    Salmiya, Kuwait Current Affairs 01 Aug 2018

    free-schoolSyria’s civil war is one of the worst ongoing humanitarian disasters, and is showing no signs of abating anytime soon. Innocent Syrian civilians are suffering everywhere, and not only in Syria. Syrian children in Kuwait fled the war hoping for a better life here, but little did they know... Read more

  • Yoga Instructor Training

    Pune, Maharashtra India Health & Fitness 08 Aug 2018

    The oldest Yoga Institute in the world, founded by Swami Kuvalayananda. Yoga instructor course available with training and certification. Contact Now. Read more

  • Photo of Badebye Godfrey
    Badebye Godfrey
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    Kampala, Uganda Social 01 Dec 2018

    Aisha Bahati is undoubtedly an inspiration to many people especially those with sight impairment At the age of seven, she suffered an ailment that later left her blind but many years later, the loss of sight couldn't be loss of a dream. Today she runs a salon and she is a sought after... Read more

  • Photo of bayo akinpelu israel godson
    bayo akinpelu israel godson
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    George weah prepares to be liberias first legalmale president after the war...........

    Monrovia, Liberia 360 Videography 07 Dec 2018

    George weah prepares to be liberias first legalmale president after the war........... Read more

  • Photo of Thurea Mwadzaya
    Thurea Mwadzaya
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    Mombasa, Kenya Health & Fitness 18 Dec 2018

    A 54 year old man uses physiotherapy to heal disabled child .Through exercises ranging from walking ,enhancing good sitting positions . Peter has enabled more than 5 disabled children who were admitted at a disabled hospital in portrieze in Mombasa where the mother had to discharge them as they... Read more

  • Photo of steve lefophana
    steve lefophana
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    Duduza community cry foul over high crime

    Johannesburg South, South Africa Current Affairs 29 Dec 2018

    Residents of Duduza informal settlement in Tshwelopele , Tembisa have given a stern warning to criminals who carry on stealing from the community while they are away at work and have seen that as a opportunity. This is after more than 15 sharks in Block D were broken and more goods and chattels... Read more

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