• Coverage Bosnia and Herzegovina

    Sarajevo-Tuzla-Bihac (Bosnia and Herzegovina) Current Affairs 30 Apr 2020

    Good morning, I'm a freelance journalist based in Barcelona. During march I will be in Bosnia and Herzegovina to write some reportages -also with video and photos. -I will go to the Bosnian-Croatian border to see the situation of migrants trapped at EU gates. Specifically, Croatia's returns to... Read more

  • Photo of Sinan Salaheddin Mahmoud
    Sinan Salaheddin Mahmoud
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    Economic crisis looms in Iraq due to plummeted oil prices, delay in 2020 budget approval

    Baghdad, Iraq Business, Finance, Politics, Current Affairs, Breaking News 30 Apr 2020

    Political wrangling and months-long anti-government protests in Iraq have delayed the approval of this year budget, threatening to impact the colossal task of rebuilding after a devastating war with IS and to further fuel the growing public anger over shabby services. The recent plunge in oil... Read more

  • Photo of Bruno Torquato
    Bruno Torquato
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    Coronavirus in Brazil

    Belo Horizonte, Brazil Business, Politics, Current Affairs, Science & Environment, Health & Fitness, Medical, Breaking News 30 Apr 2020

    I'm available to cover the crises of coronavirus in Brazil. Keep in touch. Read more

  • How are the most vulnerable people in society living coronavirus outbreak? An old nun story

    Barcelona, Spain Breaking News 30 Apr 2020

    A noon activist reflecting her life and work in the midst of coronavirus epidemy Summary Mari Pau Trayner Vilanova is a noon, 84 years old, who fights actively for the rights of the noons inside the Church. In fact, she devoted her life to struggle for a change inside the Church. Although her... Read more

  • The World is facing a medical emergency

    Harare, Zimbabwe Business, Politics, Film & Theatre, Food & Drink, Health & Fitness, Medical, Research, Breaking News 04 May 2020

    Over the past few weeks, we have seen the world stricken with fear and panic over what is now known as the COVID-19, and its effects on many nations.Umphumela wesithombe we-covid-19 virus The world is fighting an enemy they don’t understand; one seems more powerful than them, against which they... Read more

  • Photo of Jonathan Mitchell
    Jonathan Mitchell
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    UK's first spaceport planned in sleepy north coast of Scotland village

    Tongue, United Kingdom Business, Current Affairs, Technology, Science & Environment 31 May 2020

    In August 2018, the UK government announced that they had selected a site near Tongue, Sutherland, Scotland, UK to be the site of the UK's first spaceport. For the crofters (farmers) of nearby Melness, who jointly own the site, it's 'Rockets Galore' - as the spaceport will turn a sleepy north coast... Read more

  • A Billion Reasons To Believe In Pan Africanism .

    Harare, Zimbabwe Business, Finance, Politics, Current Affairs, Arts & Books, Research, Social, Cultural, Breaking News 01 Jun 2020

    Pan-Africanism is a worldwide intellectual movement that aims to encourage and strengthen bonds of solidarity between all people of African descent. ... At its core Pan-Africanism is "a belief that African peoples, both on the continent and in the diaspora, share not merely a common history, but a... Read more

  • I am a freelance Journalist seeking for International News Agencies/NGO to be your correspondent

    Harare, Zimbabwe Business, Finance, Media Training, Investigative Reporting, Breaking News, Climate Change 01 Jun 2020

    I am a Freelance Journalist based in Zimbabwe with more than 7 years in print and online media seeking for International News Agencies/NGO to be your correspondent . I am holder of Alison diploma in Journalism and Thomson Foundation certified journalism courses. Email... Read more

  • Will Portugal bite a big chunk of the Atlantic and Indian Ocean, again, or give it away to China?

    Lisbon, Portugal Science & Environment 07 Jun 2020

    The 2020 UN Conference will take place in Lisbon (June 2-6) and Ocean is on top of the agenda, even beyond the Goal 14. Based in Lisbon and well immersed in the Blue Economy at large, from the industry perspective as well as from the academic, tourism and recreational segments; please refer to my... Read more

  • Photo of Jackie Guigui-Stolberg
    Jackie Guigui-Stolberg
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    What the World Kneads Now: The International Diploma in German Bread Baking

    München, Germany Food & Drink 30 Jun 2020

    Imagine the springy warmth of a yeast dough, steaming-fresh from the oven, or the crunchy crust of a whole-wheat sour-dough bread bristling with toasted sunflower seeds, or the delicate, buttery flakes of a fine puff-pastry twist. Or an enormous pretzel worthy of the Oktoberfest, studded with salt... Read more

  • Photo of Mohammad Zubair khan
    Mohammad Zubair khan
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    Scarified for the Kalash tribes, lost sons of Alexander the great.

    Islamabad, Islamabad Capital Territory, Pakistan Natural Disasters 01 Jul 2020

    Scarified for the Kalash tribes, lost sons of Alexander the great. Kalash tribes are known as lost sons of Alexander, famous for the unique culture and... Read more

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    Surviving the coronavirus: migrant populations

    Mexico City, Mexico Investigative Reporting 01 Jul 2020

    Mexico has one of the biggest migrant corridors in the world. Despite the closure of borders, the migration institute is collecting migrants from camps in the north of Mexico and bussing them to the south. Those held in detention centers are rioting and demanding to be deported. CV19 has caused... Read more

  • Thriving For Climate Resilient and Low Carbon Zimbabwe

    Harare, Zimbabwe Arts & Books 04 Aug 2020

    According to science almost 4.5 billion years ago, our planet formed from a cloud of gases. Those gases solidified. A thin outer crust formed, and an atmosphere developed. Since its birth, Earth has been morphing in ways big and small. And ever since the first inklings of life arose, some 3.8... Read more

  • Rebuild Africa Initiative needs your assistance to see light

    Harare, Zimbabwe Business, Finance, Current Affairs, Arts & Books, Entertainment & Celebrity, Cultural, Breaking News 25 Aug 2020

    As Rebuild Africa our heart is bleeding for betterment of Africa. Africa once dubbed the black continent continues unabated its trend of not satisfying needs and aspirations of its especially the youths and it's underdeveloped citizens. The current nature of global conflict and the array of threats... Read more

  • Early marriages in western kenya

    Nairobi, Kenya Cultural 01 Sep 2020

    Early Marriages in Rural Kenya and Informal Settings For a long period in my life, I struggled to understand why my parents never wanted my family to stay in our ancestral home except on vacations. My six siblings and I felt overly important each fortnight of the family vacation. We were the... Read more

  • Photo of Jackie Guigui-Stolberg
    Jackie Guigui-Stolberg
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    Munich Confronts its Nazi Past at the National Socialist Documentation Center

    München, Germany Cultural 30 Sep 2020

    The Braunes Haus, the building that housed Nazi party headquarters in Munich from 1930 to 1945, in fact no longer exists; it was destroyed by Allied forces after the war. But precisely at the site where it once stood, the National Socialist Documentation Center represents Munich's final coming to... Read more

  • Photo of Jackie Guigui-Stolberg
    Jackie Guigui-Stolberg
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    Strolling Through History: A Walking Tour to Remember Munich's Nazi Past

    München, Germany Cultural 30 Sep 2020

    The name of Munich's most successful walking-tours company, "Stattreisen" is a play on German words that mean something most closely translatable as "alternative trips". The message is clear: on a "Stattreisen" walking tour you will experience the Bavarian capital in unusual ways, with... Read more

  • Photo of Jackie Guigui-Stolberg
    Jackie Guigui-Stolberg
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    "Blindgänger" (Unexploded Bombs in Germany) - Blasts from the Past

    München, Germany Cultural 30 Sep 2020

    For countless reasons, World War II is present in the German psyche and memory for many people in the general population on almost a daily basis. Cities like Berlin and Dresden, for example, still have eerily empty spaces in the middle of town, where it is obvious that some edifice once stood there... Read more

  • Enric Duran: the Robin Hood of the banks

    Barcelona, Spain Social 30 Nov 2020

    I'm a freelance journalist based in Barcelona, and I'm looking for media interested on publishing this story: Enric is a Catalan activist who in 2008 announced that, through a false payroll and a fictitious trade, he got loans from 39 financial institutions for a total of 492,000 euros -almost half... Read more

  • Photo of Mohammed Suleman
    Mohammed Suleman
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    Poor Infrastructures in Our Basic Schools

    Ayensuano,Ghana Social 30 Dec 2020

    The Yaw Donkor D/A Basic school in Yaw Donkokrom within bepoase, an electoral area in Ayensuano district has a population of 160 pupils with a three unit classroom block. The three unit classroom is shared among the primary and junior high level creating unconducive environment for teaching and... Read more

  • Photo of Mohammed Suleman
    Mohammed Suleman
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    People and School children Get Stranded due to Absence of a Footbridge on the River

    Ayensuano,Ghana Social 30 Dec 2020

    People of Agyei Krom suffers to reach other communities as the log serving as a footbridge on the Ayensu River can cause a havoc if not rehabilitated.The only route to the communities educational facility hence when it rains,pupils have to either swim through the river or stays at home for... Read more

  • Photo of Jackie Guigui-Stolberg
    Jackie Guigui-Stolberg
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    Germany's Stagecoach Inns

    Munich, Germany Food & Drink 31 Dec 2020

    The easiest way to find an excellent and atmospheric restaurant in Germany is to look for the main church in old town and village squares. Next to the church you will often find a large old building bearing the name "Gasthof zur Post." After the fifteenth-century founding of postal routes along the... Read more

  • Photo of Jackie Guigui-Stolberg
    Jackie Guigui-Stolberg
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    Cloth fit for a King

    Bavaria, Germany Cultural 31 Dec 2020

    Volker Illimann was born into a family of textile manufacturers and is one of Europe's leading experts on historical fabrics. His expertise has made cloth reconstruction possible for exquisite furniture in many castles and palaces in Germany: in Potsdam, Würzburg, Munich... Not only does he know... Read more

  • world music, a vector of tolerance

    Olargues, France Music 31 Dec 2020

    The world music is a vector of encounter between the peoples. Many festivals in France and northern Africa present talented artists of the world. Music is a weapon against intolerance, racism and extremism. I present these artists in my video packages and extracts of their performance. Read more

  • Photo of Jackie Guigui-Stolberg
    Jackie Guigui-Stolberg
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    All Around the Chiemsee: The Bavarian Sea (travel story, Germany)

    München, Germany Cultural 31 Dec 2020

    Article proposal: All Around the Chiemsee: the Bavarian Sea (An article could be about the Chiemsee (Chiem Lake) as a whole, or about only one aspect of it or particular site, as you prefer.) The Chiemsee is Germany’s third largest lake with over 60 kilometers of shoreline and is located less... Read more

  • Photo of Jackie Guigui-Stolberg
    Jackie Guigui-Stolberg
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    Home, home on the Alm (about cowherds in the Alps)

    München, Germany Cultural 31 Dec 2020

    Home, home on the Alm (Article idea - cultural/travel story) I’d love to write an article about the traditional job of Senner or a Sennerin, that is a person who spends several summer months (usually from May to September) living in a hut and taking care of cows at an Alm, a pasture in the Alps.... Read more

  • Photo of Mohammad Atif Aryan
    Mohammad Atif Aryan
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    The story of Parigol’s life in Afghanistan, fleeing the war and begging for survival

    Mazari Sharif, Afghanistan War Reporter 10 Mar 2021

    At the entrance of the northern part of the Blue Mosque, a shrine attributed to Prophet Ali, in Mazar-e-Sharif City, a woman with amputated fingers, apparently an amputated nose and low vision caused by burns and dust of the war, is begging at a time when the international community, after formation... Read more

  • Photo of Ivan Canabrava e Souza
    Ivan Canabrava e Souza
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    Avaliable for riots in South America, Brics in Brasilia and oil spil on the brasilian cost

    Brasília, Brazil Breaking News 19 Oct 2021

    Cameraman, drone, Ronin, underwater Avaliable in brasilia. Wathsaap +5561999881827 Read more

  • Photo of Adam Jacot de Boinod
    Adam Jacot de Boinod
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    24 travel destinations

    London, United Kingdom Travel 27 Jan 2022

    Here are my 24 destinations about which I can write with confidence and affection. I can add descriptive details of accommodation, restaurants and the most enjoyable attractions and excursions along with my personal finds and favourites. Istanbul Western fascination with the exoticism of this... Read more

  • Ray Youssef’s Exceptional Plan for Kenya

    Nairobi, Kenya Business 31 Jan 2022

    While most people shun away from discussing the reality of cryptocurrency economies, it is true that the world is heading towards a completely cashless economy. To ensure that people trade carefully, legally, and in a secure environment, Paxful provides a peer-to-peer platform in which crypto... Read more

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