• Traditional Bedouin Cope with New Saudi Border Wall

    Hafar Al Batin, Saudi Arabia Cultural 15 Aug 2017

    ================================================================== Story Location: Border Areas of Northern Saudi Arabia and Iraq Date Available: 15 June 2017 Expiration Date: Six Months Photos: Yes ================================================================== KSA – Saudi... Read more

  • Out in the bush, providing medical care when there are no medical clinics or hospitals

    Bangui, Central African Republic Politics, Current Affairs, Health & Fitness, Medical, Cultural 17 Aug 2017

    There is a dearth of health care workers in Central African Republic. Only 18 Central Africans completed nursing school in Bangui (in part because the crisis was ongoing when they would have started but numbers are always low). So, humanitarian organizations are looking for innovative ways to get... Read more

  • Photo of Mohammad Ben Hussein
    Mohammad Ben Hussein
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    Jordan deports scores of Syrian families back to their country

    Amman, Jordan Politics 23 Aug 2017

    In gross violation to human rights, Jordan continues to deport scores of Syrian families back to the war torn country for what is described as minor offences, risking lives of the asylum seekers and possible enlistment of children in radical groups, while UNHCR and other NGOs stand either contribute... Read more

  • Touring Ireland's Craft Breweries

    Ireland Food & Drink 31 Aug 2017

    Looking for a travel feature for your magazine or lifestyle section? Craft beer and tours of breweries are the big thing for tourists to Ireland this year. What could be better than viewing some of the best scenery in the world while having a glass of beer brewed on site. I visit some of the... Read more

  • Photo of Alice Mahlberg
    Alice Mahlberg
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    Garrus : the world's most expensive rosé wine !

    La Motte, France Food & Drink 31 Aug 2017

    Chateau d’Esclans is located twenty five kilometers northwest of the Mediterranean coast. Garrus is the first wine of Chateau d’Esclans and it might be one of the most expensive : almost 100 euros ! The wine is made from 80-year-old Grenache vines as well as some Rolle. This rosé is made like... Read more

  • Photo of Alice Mahlberg
    Alice Mahlberg
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    Sturia : the leading French caviar producer

    Bordeaux, France Food & Drink 31 Aug 2017

    The company was set up near Bordeaux 20 years ago and has pioneered sturgeon farming in France. It produces around 14 tonnes of caviar a year, which is sold all over the world : Japan, United Arab Emirates, Europe, Russia, … Sturia is thus promoting French gastronomy's international influence and... Read more

  • Photo of Alice Mahlberg
    Alice Mahlberg
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    Château Angélus : Stéphanie de Boüard-Rivoal, the third woman to run legendary wine label

    Saint-Émilion, France Food & Drink 31 Aug 2017

    Stéphanie de Boüard-rivoal, 35 years orld, is the third woman to preside over the fortunes of this estate, Premier Grand Cru Classé A of Saint-Emilion, where she was born and grew up. She measures the full importance of the responsibilities that were entrusted to her. She will continue the work of... Read more

  • Photo of Alice Mahlberg
    Alice Mahlberg
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    Leclerc-Briant, a pioneer for the organic and biodynamic approach in Champagne

    Épernay, France Food & Drink 31 Aug 2017

    The House of Leclerc Briant cultivates 10 hectares of vines which, for the most part, are in villages ranked as Premier Cru. In the late 1940s, the fourth generation of vine growers in the Leclerc family was the first to instil the spirit of organic farming in the family as well as in the vineyards,... Read more

  • Photo of Nareg Seferian
    Nareg Seferian
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    Syrian-Armenian Displaced Persons in Armenia

    Yerevan, Armenia Social 31 Aug 2017

    There have been a number of pieces over the past year and more in various international media outlets - both text and broadcast - about Syrian-Armenians in Armenia. These are people who are fleeing their war-torn homes, but who are also returning to an imagined homeland. Some have had success in... Read more

  • Brewing In Ireland

    Tralee, Ireland Food & Drink 31 Aug 2017

    Ireland's craft brewing business is just getting on its feet. Still it is a strong one, with some great beers, along with excellent brewery tours in different parts of the country. Get the inside story from the smallest one, Burren Brewing, and see how Peter Curtin combines great beers from his... Read more

  • The Flowers are Talking

    Vancouver, Canada Cultural 31 Aug 2017

    The Huichol are a magical indigenous people sometimes known as "the keepers of Peyote" living remotely in the Sierra Madres in central western Mexico. Speaking their own language "Wixari" and living lives closely linked to their religion and nature they are currently experiencing an arc of change as... Read more

  • Hinterlands of war

    Kyiv, Kyiv city, Ukraine Business, Politics, Current Affairs, Science & Environment, Arts & Books, War Reporter, Social, Cultural 01 Sep 2017

    I am creating exclusive photo and video material for clients who are interested in covering the war in eastern Ukraine. I am based in Kyiv but make regular trips to regions close to the line of conflict. Feel free to call or email me anytime to discuss any ideas or assignments. Read more

  • What German millennials want from the 2017 election

    Germany Politics, Current Affairs 01 Sep 2017

    LONG-TERM FEATURE series, I intend to travel to all (or several) of Germany's 16 states to explore what young Germans want to see following the upcoming election, the kind of Germany they wish for themselves and what their main worries and fears are. Will they tip the scale? Read more

  • Photo of Jonathan Mitchell
    Jonathan Mitchell
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    Climate change behind massive decline in North Atlantic sardine stocks

    Peniche, Portugal Business, Politics, Current Affairs, Science & Environment 29 Sep 2017

    Since the mid-1980s, the sardine stock - along with the Portuguese quota - has dropped by tens of thousands of tonnes. Scientists say a huge decline in sardine stocks is due to climate change and it's effect upon the oceans - which in the case of the sardines, scientists say, is due to a lack of... Read more

  • Photo of Suddaf Chaudry
    Suddaf Chaudry
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    Can CPEC( China Pakistan Economic Corridor) dilute Pakistan's Looming Water Crisis

    Gwadar, Pakistan Investigative Reporting 30 Sep 2017

    Local fishermen that fish on the rocky tops of the Arabian sea the epicenter of CPEC, are faced with a ban on fishing. The jetty is faced with closure the heart of the fishing trade, generations have fished there face a very uncertain future. Access to water has become a privilege in Pakistan, it... Read more

  • Photo of Hernán Crespo
    Hernán Crespo
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    Spain’s Ferrovial accused of profiting from Australia’s mistreatment of refugees on Nauru

    Madrid, Spain Politics, Current Affairs, Social 01 Oct 2017

    The Spanish corporation, responsible for running the Australian government’s migrants detention centre, is making ‘millions of dollars from a system that amounts to torture of refugees and people seeking asylum’, Amnesty International has said. A spokesperson from Ferrovial has denied any... Read more

  • Photo of Jennifer Baker
    Jennifer Baker
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    Brexit Talks, the view from Brussels

    Brussel, Belgium Politics, Current Affairs 31 Oct 2017

    I will be covering the ongoing Brexit negotiations over the next two years. As agreed this week, face-to-face talks will take place between one week a month. In the week preceding each of these negotiation sessions, civil servants will work behind the scenes on the agenda. The European Commission... Read more

  • Protest taking place in Cameroon

    Yaounde, Centre, Cameroon Current Affairs 01 Nov 2017

    Thousands of English-speaking Cameroonians in the main opposition stronghold of Bamenda, Cameroon, are chanting "we are ready to die" if the military attempts to use violence on a nationwide peaceful protest against the marginalization of nearly 10 million citizens living in English-speaking... Read more

  • Photo of AHMED ALEX OMAH
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    Ikeja, Nigeria Business 01 Nov 2017

    BOBST is organizing a two-day conference within Africa Roadshow for converting solutions 2017, under the theme DRIVING INNOVATION FOR COMPETITIVE ADVANTAGE. The event will take place in Abidjan, Ivory Coast at the Radisson Blu Hotel on 21st and 22nd February, dedicated to flexible material on the... Read more

  • Photo of Mugume Davis Rwakaringi
    Mugume Davis Rwakaringi
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    South Sudan Refugees find new home in Uganda

    Juba, Central Equatoria, South Sudan War Reporter 14 Nov 2017

    The UN has hailed Uganda as a role model for receiving refugees. I have been visiting refugee settlements in Northern Uganda's Adjumani District finding out challenges facing thousands of refugees as they try to settle. Thousands of refugees mainly children women who escaped violence in South Sudan... Read more

  • Photo of Yasser Abu Wazna
    Yasser Abu Wazna
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    Gaza Sports 01 Dec 2017

    Summary Breaking cultural and social taboos, Mais, a 25 year old from Gaza, is one of the few Palestinian women who go horse riding in the Strip. She learned to ride horses when she was child, and is enthusiastic to compete in 2020 Olympics in Tokyo. She does riding exercise with her coach... Read more

  • Photo of Yasser Abu Wazna
    Yasser Abu Wazna
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    Gaza in 2020 – A liveable place?

    Gaza Science & Environment 01 Dec 2017

    Summary More than 90 percent of the Gaza Strip’s water is undrinkable. The rest is quickly running out. A combination of factors is rapidly depriving the population of this most basic of needs. Water distillation privet planets try to secure the Gazans need to keep them alive. UN warned that damage... Read more

  • Photo of Mohammad Zubair khan
    Mohammad Zubair khan
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    Honour Killing, A German Pakistani doctor killed on the name of honour

    Islamabad, Islamabad Capital Territory, Pakistan Current Affairs 01 Dec 2017

    A culprit arrested on the charge to kill her wife confess in the police custody that he killed her doctor wife on honour. The Jhelum police told that the culprit said he brought his Pakistani wife to Jhelum where he killed her to protect his ‘honour’, . The couple had married 16 years ago.... Read more

  • Photo of Barbara D'Amico
    Barbara D'Amico
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    Hacking the Earthquake, tracking the money – how an Italian movement is facing corruption in reconst

    Torino, Italy Current Affairs 31 Dec 2017

    Terremotocentroitalia is not just the name of the Italian regions that last August have been havily affected by an earthquake. It is also the tech response a group of volunteering developers and social experts are giving to a big problem: helping the population bit by a natural disaster to... Read more

  • Photo of Barbara D'Amico
    Barbara D'Amico
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    Rise an fall of the sharing economy players in Italy.

    Torino, Italy Current Affairs 31 Dec 2017

    Gnammo is a famous Italian startup that allows everyone to take part to dinners/lunches organized by perfect strangers. After 3 years of successes and a good bunch of users it risks to close down: the Italian Parliament has just approved a law that forbid people to use services like this to sell or... Read more

  • Photo of Barbara D'Amico
    Barbara D'Amico
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    Space Entrepreneurs - From technology to business, a race to the Stars

    Torino, Italy Current Affairs 31 Dec 2017

    Argotech is a little, young company based in Turin. It was enrolled by the European Space Program to find a way to get gourmet food being tasted also during the space missions. The team found a way to get a real Italian coffee also at zero gravity. D-Orbit is another startup able to clean the Space... Read more

  • Photo of Barbara D'Amico
    Barbara D'Amico
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    Handmade and artisan jobs reshaping the lost future of the young Italians

    Torino, Italy Cultural 31 Dec 2017

    An inisght of the rebirth of works we thought too old-fashioned or out of market to resist the hi-tech race. From artisans to handmade shoes, from glass arstits to carpenters and bakers: these are the new jobs young italian workers are taking over because all the other sectors they have been... Read more

  • Photo of Jacob Achiek Jok
    Jacob Achiek Jok
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    South Sudan's Blind School has been affected by crisis

    Bor, South Sudan Cultural 31 Dec 2017

    The South Sudan, Blind school in Juba, South Sudan has faced sever challenges due to countries crisis. The school was established in Rajaf Payam in 1984 by Norwegian Association for the Blind to Support blind people in South Sudan. The School doesn’t have Braille Papers, and Braille Machines and... Read more

  • Venezuelans flock to neighbouring Trinidad and Tobago to escape economic hardship

    Port of Spain, Trinidad and Tobago Social 31 Dec 2017

    Venezuela has had a long and close relationship with its Caribbean neighbour Trinidad and Tobago, going back to the 18th century when fighters for independence on the South American mainland found in the twin-island country a ready source of help and supplies. Now Venezuelans are continuing to look... Read more

  • Trinidadian contemporary artists find recognition abroad but struggle at home

    Port of Spain, Trinidad and Tobago Arts & Books 31 Dec 2017

    Leading contemporary artists in Trinidad and Tobago whose work has been featured at major international biennales and art shows lament the continuing lack of appreciation for contemporary art in Trinidad and Tobago where, as one art gallery owner put it, the predilection is still very much for... Read more

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