• Solar PV waste could earn the world $15 billion when recycled

    Nairobi, Kenya Science & Environment 17 Jul 2017

    As adoption of renewable energy sources continue to grow worldwide, the of total e-waste from solar photovoltaic panels is projected to hit 78 million metric tonnes by the year 2050 up from an estimated 250,000 metric tonnes in 2016 from an installed capacity to produce up to 4,500 gigawatts of... Read more

  • Water quality Management

    Kerala, India Technology 20 Jul 2017

    The Indian Institute of Information Technology and Management – Kerala (IIITM-K and technology giant IBM have developed a real-time water quality management system that is faster, cheaper and more accessible than conventional methods of testing water samples.The portable device could continuously... Read more

  • Sanitary Pad revolution

    Kerala, India Social 20 Jul 2017

    A school drop out young man's invention helped millions of poor women across India . And he is happy to widen its area . His invention to make a low cost sanitary pads changed the lives of millions of poor women . Arunachalam Muruganatham is te character of the film . His efforts to lead the... Read more

  • Vechur Cow - How it supporting the Global Warming

    Kerala, India Science & Environment 20 Jul 2017

    Video STORY Vechur “dwarf” cow of Kerala is officially the smallest bovine in the world. The Dwarf cow originated from the Village Vechur of Kerala . After a study by the Kerala Agricultural university of its unusual ability to withstand extreme heat unexpectedly showed that it also emits... Read more

  • Dedicated Wife

    Kerala, India Social 25 Jul 2017

    Betty Karunakaran made a museum in remembrance of her late husband, Ravi Karunakaran at Alappuzha District of Kerala . The museum is showcasing the gifts to betty from Ravi Karunakaran . Ravi Karunakaran was a billionaire businessman who passed away about 10 years ago. Betty Karan made a museum with... Read more

  • Elections in Kenya

    Nairobi, Kenya Politics, Current Affairs 28 Jul 2017

    Elections in Kenya Kenya conducts its General Elections in 10 weeks time and as is usually the case, political temperatures have hit fever pitch as aspirants campaign for public offices. Analysts have billed this to be Kenya’s most expensive and competitive election ever, and this is due to the... Read more


    Kisumu, Kisumu County, Kenya Current Affairs 28 Jul 2017

    Water hyacinth, the aquatic weed that has invaded lake victoria.. Several artists have now found a unique way to earn a living by using the weed they harvest from the lake to make papers. The later export the cards and papers to europe and other countries. Read more

  • keeping 700 year old Legacy : The young Tribal King : Raja Raman Mannan

    Kerala, India Social 30 Jul 2017

    Video Story Thevan Raja Mannan the Graduate in Economics is the King of Mannan Tribe one of the 35 Tribal community in Kerala State and is a very strong Community . At present 3000 Mannan families are under the Kingdom . The Legacy has started 700 years ago . The King is supported by his 12... Read more

  • Photo of Francis Mukasa
    Francis Mukasa
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    Kampala, Uganda Health & Fitness 30 Jul 2017

    BARBARA’S FIGHT AGAINST HIV/AIDS STIGMA In Uganda today, about 1.4million people are living with HIV/AIDS. The stigma against these victims is high and many are discouraged from using their Anti-Retroviral drugs, this is not the case with Barbara Kemigisa who has been living with HIV/AIDS for more... Read more

  • New Jersey Man Pays Woman for Years for Sex with her Juvenile Daughters

    Hackensack, United States of America Current Affairs 31 Jul 2017

    A 51-year-old Bergen County man believed to have paid a 44-year-old woman for repeated sexual encounters with with woman's two under-aged daughters. They have each been arrested and charged and are currently being held in the Bergen County Jail on hundreds of thousands in bail. I would like to... Read more

  • Amping Africa

    Dakar, Senegal Politics, Entertainment & Celebrity, Music, Cultural, 360 Videography 31 Jul 2017

    I met Saintrick, a Congolese singer, political activist, and sound engineer, at a concert one night in Dakar after Senegalese musician Cheikh Lo abruptly stopped batting on his drums and began packing up, ending his show one hour ahead of schedule. "You can't perform and feel good about it if you're... Read more

  • Palm Wine

    Dakar, Senegal Food & Drink, Cultural, 360 Videography 31 Jul 2017

    Video piece on Palm wine cultivation. Ever wonder how the refreshing frothy white alcoholic beverage from the Western sub-Saharan states was made? Go deep into the palm tree forest of Casamance, Senegal to see for yourself and meet the 60-year-old man whose palm wine is always in demand. Read more

  • Fruit Sellers still struggle post Ebola

    Kindia, Guinea Science & Environment, Food & Drink, Cultural, 360 Videography 31 Jul 2017

    Years after the World Health Organisation declared Guinea an Ebola free zone, the women of Kindia, one of Guinea's major fruit producing regions, still struggle to overcome the taboo of possibly tainted fruit and sell the quantity they once did. Propose a video piece on fruit sellers in Guinea Read more

  • Photo of Carmen Gentile
    Carmen Gentile
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    July availability in Iraq

    Mosul, Iraq Politics, Current Affairs, Arts & Books, War Reporter, Medical, Media Training, Risk Analysis, 360 Videography 31 Jul 2017

    I'll be reporting in Mosul, Erbil and points in between during the month of July. Read more

  • Photo of Calistus Bosaletswe
    Calistus Bosaletswe
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    Will Dalai Lama's visit to Botswana ignite a diplomatic row between Botswana and China

    Gaborone, Botswana Politics 31 Jul 2017

    Will Dalai Lama's visit to Botswana ignite a diplomatic row between Botswana and China. Pundits argue that Botswana cannot afford to lose China over Dalai Lama. This raises question on whether Botswana will allow Dalai Lama to visit the country where is expected to deliver a speech at University of... Read more

  • Photo of Albertus Vembrianto
    Albertus Vembrianto
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    Papua's gold families

    Papua, Indonesia Social 01 Aug 2017

    In 1967, the opening of the PT Freeport Indonesia (PTFI) goldmine in Timika gave the local population hopes of employment. Today, 25% of its employees are from the local community but many have not been able to secure a job as the company requires workers to have completed high school. Instead, many... Read more

  • Photo of Mohamed Mahmud
    Mohamed Mahmud
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    Extreme Sports Tourism

    Nairobi, Kenya Current Affairs 01 Aug 2017

    Extreme Sports Tourism. The terror group Alshabaab has carried out numerous attacks within the Kenyan borders including the Westgate Mall attack and Garissa University. This has caused the number of tourists visiting Kenya dwindle vastly affecting the tourism of Kenya which is the backbone of its... Read more

  • Photo of Mohamed Mahmud
    Mohamed Mahmud
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    Whale Shark Tourism

    Nairobi, Kenya Science & Environment 01 Aug 2017

    Swimming with the Whale Shark. As the largest creature on earth, the whale shark is among the endangered species in the world. A whale shark trust in coastal Kenya is assisting the local fishermen who hunt the whale shark, learn the importance of conserving this largest fish. The trust is also... Read more

  • Kenya Election August year 2017

    Nairobi, Kenya Politics 12 Aug 2017

    IEBC Kenya announces the election date to be on the day of 8th of august year 2017 in Kenya, For live television reporting via mobile video backpacks and satellite news gathering with additional local logistics that we offer as a service with very competitive rates. pleas contact us via paydesk for... Read more

  • Traditional Bedouin Cope with New Saudi Border Wall

    Hafar Al Batin, Saudi Arabia Cultural 15 Aug 2017

    ================================================================== Story Location: Border Areas of Northern Saudi Arabia and Iraq Date Available: 15 June 2017 Expiration Date: Six Months Photos: Yes ================================================================== KSA – Saudi... Read more

  • Out in the bush, providing medical care when there are no medical clinics or hospitals

    Bangui, Central African Republic Politics, Current Affairs, Health & Fitness, Medical, Cultural 17 Aug 2017

    There is a dearth of health care workers in Central African Republic. Only 18 Central Africans completed nursing school in Bangui (in part because the crisis was ongoing when they would have started but numbers are always low). So, humanitarian organizations are looking for innovative ways to get... Read more

  • Touring Ireland's Craft Breweries

    Ireland Food & Drink 31 Aug 2017

    Looking for a travel feature for your magazine or lifestyle section? Craft beer and tours of breweries are the big thing for tourists to Ireland this year. What could be better than viewing some of the best scenery in the world while having a glass of beer brewed on site. I visit some of the... Read more

  • Brewing In Ireland

    Tralee, Ireland Food & Drink 31 Aug 2017

    Ireland's craft brewing business is just getting on its feet. Still it is a strong one, with some great beers, along with excellent brewery tours in different parts of the country. Get the inside story from the smallest one, Burren Brewing, and see how Peter Curtin combines great beers from his... Read more

  • The Flowers are Talking

    Vancouver, Canada Cultural 31 Aug 2017

    The Huichol are a magical indigenous people sometimes known as "the keepers of Peyote" living remotely in the Sierra Madres in central western Mexico. Speaking their own language "Wixari" and living lives closely linked to their religion and nature they are currently experiencing an arc of change as... Read more

  • Hinterlands of war

    Kyiv, Kyiv city, Ukraine Business, Politics, Current Affairs, Science & Environment, Arts & Books, War Reporter, Social, Cultural 01 Sep 2017

    I am creating exclusive photo and video material for clients who are interested in covering the war in eastern Ukraine. I am based in Kyiv but make regular trips to regions close to the line of conflict. Feel free to call or email me anytime to discuss any ideas or assignments. Read more

  • What German millennials want from the 2017 election

    Germany Politics, Current Affairs 01 Sep 2017

    LONG-TERM FEATURE series, I intend to travel to all (or several) of Germany's 16 states to explore what young Germans want to see following the upcoming election, the kind of Germany they wish for themselves and what their main worries and fears are. Will they tip the scale? Read more

  • Photo of Jonathan Mitchell
    Jonathan Mitchell
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    Climate change behind massive decline in North Atlantic sardine stocks

    Peniche, Portugal Business, Politics, Current Affairs, Science & Environment 29 Sep 2017

    Since the mid-1980s, the sardine stock - along with the Portuguese quota - has dropped by tens of thousands of tonnes. Scientists say a huge decline in sardine stocks is due to climate change and it's effect upon the oceans - which in the case of the sardines, scientists say, is due to a lack of... Read more

  • Photo of Suddaf Chaudry
    Suddaf Chaudry
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    Can CPEC( China Pakistan Economic Corridor) dilute Pakistan's Looming Water Crisis

    Gwadar, Pakistan Investigative Reporting 30 Sep 2017

    Local fishermen that fish on the rocky tops of the Arabian sea the epicenter of CPEC, are faced with a ban on fishing. The jetty is faced with closure the heart of the fishing trade, generations have fished there face a very uncertain future. Access to water has become a privilege in Pakistan, it... Read more

  • Photo of Hernán Crespo
    Hernán Crespo
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    Spain’s Ferrovial accused of profiting from Australia’s mistreatment of refugees on Nauru

    Madrid, Spain Politics, Current Affairs, Social 01 Oct 2017

    The Spanish corporation, responsible for running the Australian government’s migrants detention centre, is making ‘millions of dollars from a system that amounts to torture of refugees and people seeking asylum’, Amnesty International has said. A spokesperson from Ferrovial has denied any... Read more

  • Photo of Jennifer Baker
    Jennifer Baker
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    Brexit Talks, the view from Brussels

    Brussel, Belgium Politics, Current Affairs 31 Oct 2017

    I will be covering the ongoing Brexit negotiations over the next two years. As agreed this week, face-to-face talks will take place between one week a month. In the week preceding each of these negotiation sessions, civil servants will work behind the scenes on the agenda. The European Commission... Read more

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