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Bucharest eat with strangers trend

București, Romania Cultural January 30 @ 9:16am

Got an idea about an piece on a new trend that's gaining speed in Bucharest. Peer-to-peer dining. It's about bringing strangers into your home and cooking for them for a fee.

I know a person who is developing this endeavor. He's very passionate about cooking, and this allows him to both exercise his passion, socializing and making new friends, both from Romania and abroad, while trying to make a little on side, probably just enough to split the cost of the meal.

He provides the full experience, with music, a very bohemian atmosphere. Listening to some Bob Dylan while spinning on some good wine. You can even be a part of the entire cooking process. See how the food is done. Even help out if you like.

All in all, a very pleasant experience and a very please environment for socializing.

I can do the piece over the weekend. Even go there and snap a few photos.
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