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Portugal’s Unsung Coast (Alentejo)

London, United Kingdom Travel 16 Feb 2022

The vast majority of Brits only know of the central Algarve with its busy beaches, golf courses and the white-washed walls of villa complexes. The extremities of the Algarve are wild and in their desolation is a sense of the infinite with long strands of beach and the full force of the Atlantic’s fury. A further lesson is to be learnt from the French and Germans who prefer the next province above (namely Alentejo) where the coast goes on uninterrupted for miles on end owing to a respected Portuguese policy. Here on the 'Littoral’ section of the province are the surfers, the Lisbon trend-setters (at Comporta) and the processors of bark in a tradition dating back to Dom Perignon. There are hotels of infinite contrast from the exquisite rustic menagerie at Herdade do Touril ( to the ‘belle époque' yet colonial Grand House ( to the ultimate in imaginative comfort Quinta da Comporta ( and the ultimate in clamping Eco Suites Resort ( A hidden delight of a region yet to be tramelled.
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