How dating lives of Hong Kong couples have been affected since the protests

Hong Kong, Hong Kong Politics, Current Affairs, Social August 29 @ 7:02pm

As ongoing protests that stemmed from the now-suspended extradition bill have gradually turned into endless weeks of clashes between protesters and police, some young couples in Hong Kong are choosing to integrate their political involvement into their dating lives.

Some of these couples are sacrificing their dating lives in order to spend more time protesting at the frontlines, which carries risks as there are fears that their significant other will get arrested or get injured during the clashes. Some couples also argue with each other over the protesting methods as they are worried for each other. But despite the risks, they are willing to continue risking themselves for the greater love of Hong Kong.

Even for couples who are not directly protesting on the streets, participating in peaceful marches on weekends are also part of the dating agenda.

I have done multiple interviews with protester couples, as well as couples who spend time at peaceful rallies instead of going to the frontlines. I will be able to provide text and photos for the story.
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