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Iran: Scenarios from the 'Economics is for Donkeys' to Shaking with 'Left Hand'

London, Britain Current Affairs 08 Feb 2023

When the first Iranian supreme leader, Roullah Khomeini, regarded economics as concerning matter 'for donkeys' only, many buffled, others confused. This man who played critical role in shaping the Iranian landscape to painfully terraced mountains of difficulties during his term from 3 December 1979 till 3 June of 1989 is, indeed, the grand father of the current challenges Iranians have been facing with turbulently. Here, Khomeini's economics negligence is both a result of ultra-fundamentalism, fanatic hates against the West and, overall, it was a badly architected omen to his own society.
Based on Frenchman philosopher, Jean Buridan's Buridan's ass paradox, we understand that a donkey, placed exactly midway between water and food, would die of hunger and thirst because he could not find a reason to choose one of the options over the other, and so would never make a decision. And both Roullah Khomeini and his successor, Sayyed Ali Hosseini Khamenei, fully controlled the Islamic Revolutionary Guard and used it to make the Iranians placed exactly between a twisted religious parables and searching for untainted liberty. What have been now is, therefore, abandoning this perilous midway and catalysing the revolutionary aspects Iranians are demanding through fierce protests.
Second, as the economics is for donkeys, Iran's economic packages have been crucial to the bloodlines of the Islamic Revolutionary Guard (IRG), not to the majority public. Thus, the country's people has been deviated to poverty, market instabilities and worries. The IRG, with named and profiteering companies under its full swings of control, is prioritized with serving as main source for insurgency activities in Syria, Lebanon, Yemen and other areas by providing financial and logistic packages.

Yosief Abraham Z
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