The last communist in Libya

Tripoli, Libya Politics May 1 @ 9:34pm

The last communist in Libya

Proposed title
The only communist roaming the streets of Libya without an answer

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One person roams the streets of Libya, telling people what they are not aware of, as if he was coming to them from Russia during the reign of Lenin and Stalin.
Summary of the proposal
A report on a day in the life of a communist living in Libya, his presence in public places, and how he based his convictions on communism after the end of most of the communist parties, and the end of their authority in the Soviet Union, and how he sees communism as the best solution for the regime in Libya.
How to portray the story (pictorial story)
Filming begins with pictures of Muhammad wandering the streets of the city, then he goes to the public library and read some of the Communist books, which are filled with dust, and some places where he is such as a café and his dialogue with the citizens.
Candidates for dialogue and suggested questions
1. Muhammad (The Young Communist)
How did you become convinced of the Communist ideology?
How do you see communism as a solution to the Libyan crisis?
How do citizens deal with you?
Why is there no extension of the communist ideology in Libya?
• The emergence of calls for the revolution of the poor, how would you describe it?
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