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Container houses in Nigeria

Lagos, Nigeria Technology, Social April 11 @ 8:50pm

According to statistics, Nigeria has a housing deficit of 17 million.
With rising cost of building materials, difficulty in getting lands,
and landlords collecting several years advance for rent, the low and
middle income earners are the worst hit as property developers prefer
building for high end markets.
To help more people get access to shelter, Tempo housing buys used containers from shipping lines and converts them to living homes. How are Nigerians accepting the trend? Does the country have a suitable weather for it?

Exterior of office
Interior of container modelled house
Interview with manager of container houses

1.Name and title
2.How affordable is this container houses?
3.How friendly is it with the Nigerian weather, especially during the
dry season?
4.Do you own one of your own?
5.What does it take to own one?
6.What makes this better than the concrete houses
7.Who can afford this container houses?

Exterior of container shops
Interior of container shops
Interview with shop owner

1.Name and title
2.How much did u get your container shop?
3.How comfortable is it for you?
4.How do you cope during the dry season?
5.Can you stay in a container if its furnished as a house?

Various of concrete building
Various of people
Vox pop

1. Name and Title
2. What do you do for a living?
3. What kind of house do you own or would you love to own?
4. Can you stay in a container house if well furnished?
5. Can you put d container house in your village as a standard house
for you or your parents?
6. Would you accept a container house from your children as a house
bought for you even if furnished? Would you agree to be buried in the
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