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Freedom of press in Kashmir

Kashmir, India Politics April 10 @ 3:05pm

Journalists have long contended with various threats in Indian-administered Kashmir and found themselves caught between warring sides. But their situation has gotten dramatically worse since India revoked the region’s semi-autonomy in 2019, throwing it under a severe security and communication lockdown and the media in a black hole.
A year later, the government’s new media policy sought to control the press more effectively to censure independent reporting. Dozens have been arrested, interrogated and investigated under harsh anti-terror laws.
The fear of reprisals has made the local press largely wilted under pressure.
“Indian authorities appear determined to prevent journalists from doing their jobs in Kashmir.
I want to cover a story of a state in India where people are still fighting for freedom and journalists are not given a chance to do their job. When the journalists try to raise their voice,either their life is under threat or they are charged under sedition charges.
Amidst this situation there are a few journalists in Kashmir who are trying their best to fight the injustice.
In my documentary film(10-20 min) I want to cover the story of 2-3 journalists from Kashmir who are still fighting for freedom of press.
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