Garikai Mafirakureva
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New mobile tarrifs: An infringement on access to information by government

Zimbabwe, Masvingo Politics January 11 @ 11:43am

The government of Zimbabwe is accused of trying to stifle citizens’ right to communicate over the internet by increasing the cost of data making it inaccessible to ordinary citizens, who had become dependent on social media platforms for news.

The government has since last year been struggling to regulate social media particularly after it was hit hard by a string of anti-government demonstrations organised by social movements such as #ThisFlag, #Tajamuka and Occupy Africa Unity Square.

The Postal and Telecommunication Regulatory Authority of Zimbabwe (Potraz) recently hiked the floor price for data to 2c/MB, which is nearly four times the current data charged by mobile phone operators, in an attempt to control activities on the web.
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