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Renewables providing a solution to Morocco’s energy headache

Oxford, United Kingdom Science & Environment February 21 @ 10:16am

For many African country’s the challenge is finding the necessary capital, expertise and technologies required to develop the power projects of the future that are needed to enable ongoing economic development. One solution, to this funding is inviting the private sector to become active participants in developing of new power plant capacity.
This feature will look at Morocco’s experience of opening up its power sector in order to deliver new renewable generating capacity has succeeded so far. Already, foreign stakeholder interest is considerable with players such as African Development Bank suppling capital, Spanish consortium TSK-Acciona-Sener and Iberdrola operating Independent Power Production plants and renewables innovators such as Siemens and Vesta providing the technology.
It will examine some of the projects that have been developed or planned in the wind, solar and hydro sectors including the world’s largest solar power plant Noor at Ouarzazate and Africa’s largest wind farm, the 301 MW Tarfaya Wind Farm.
In addition, examine the progress that is being made by Morocco’s Renewables Plan to invest some 13 billion in wind, solar and hydroelectric power generation capacity and associated infrastructure that should see the country obtain 42% of its electricity needs from renewable sources by 2020. However, by 2030, renewables are expected to meet 52% of the country’s power needs.
Look at plans to trade power across the Straits of Gibraltar with Spain and the rest of Europe.In addition, examine some of the challenges, opportunities faced by stakeholders in meeting Morocco’s ambitions.
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