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Cross-dressing, bare-knuckle boxing in Mexican festival

Guerrero, Mexico Cultural March 9 @ 5:04pm

Alasdair Baverstock here, I used to do travel features of you out of Venezuela (chocolate, rodeo). I’m now in Mexico, and have come across a good story that would be ideal for another 'Postcard from…’ feature for your section:

The legend goes that every year the Aztecs would sent an army south into the high sierras of Guerrero State, and take away the local tribes' best young women for themselves. Until one year, when the most hardened Guerrerense warriors dressed in women's clothing, and passed themselves off as the offering to their overlords.

On the way back to Tenochtitlán, the warriors tore off their skirts and, taking their Aztec abductors by surprise, defeated them, returning victorious to their communities never to be bothered again.

Today the rural communities of Guerrero still celebrate this legendary victory, by once again having their menfolk cross-dress and engage in bare-knuckle boxing in the towns' squares. The fights are short-lived, in good faith, but can be very bloody.

The event is highly photogenic and is perfect for a cultural travel feature, speaking with the fighters, the village elders and the local women, who take a great amount of pride in dressing up their husbands and sons to be as beautiful as possible. It takes place in May.
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