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Litmus test for Botswana to boycott Israel amid Bots-Palestine diplomatic ties

Gaborone, South-East, Botswana Politics March 17 @ 6:35pm

Litmus test for Botswana to boycott Israel amid Bots-Palestine diplomatic ties
By Calistus Bosaletswe
The move to establish ties between Botswana and Palestine is viewed as a right move that pundits expect will see Botswana cutting ties with Israel for its atrocities meted on Palestinians.
Botswana which has remained mum for a long time on Israel and Palestine conflicts has been advised to head calls from international community to take sterner measures against Israel.
The Botswana National Front which has long joined the international community chorus for Israel apartheid atrocities on Palestine are eager to see Botswana diplomatic with Palestine condemning Israel.
Botswana National Front , Secretary General Moeti Mohwasa says he expect Botswana to impose sanctions on Israel as Botswana establish bileteral relations with Palestine this week.
Botswana which has kept mum about atrocities meted on Palestine by Israel forces indicated that the diplomatic relations is a critical step that will deepen collaboration with Botswana on the political and socio-economic spheres.
Mohwasa stated in a response to the signing of joint relations agreements that they expect Botswana to be critical as they have been on a number of countries that violate other peoples right.
He said that they also expect Botswana to ask Israel to respect United Nations resolutions relating to confiscated Palestinian land.
He indicated that BNF wants to repeat its firmly held view that the only lasting solution to the Middle East Crisis is for Israel to abide by the United Nations Security Council Resolution 242 of 1967 which called on Israel to withdraw to the 1967 borders and for all the countries in the Middle East, including Israel to live in peace within secure and recognized boundaries free from threats of force.
He liked Israel invasion on Israel to aphetheid which saw the minority rule mistreating blacks in South Africa. Mohwasa further indicated that Botswana should also join other international communities in condemning Israel atrocities on Palestine's.
He said that Botswana which has raised voice on a number of countries that violates other people rights and territories should stand up to the occasion on Israel and Palestine conflict.
“ We will to see if they will rise to the occasion as BNF has long called for Israel to respect Palestine while the government kept mum,”said Mohwa.
Mohwasa stated that their expectations is that Botswana should also join a global campaign dubbed Boycott,Divestment and Sanctions Movement(BDS) aimed at increasing economic and political pressure on Israel to comply with the goals o f the movement.
Mohwasa reiterated BNF position that Botswana ties with Palestine should see the country boycotting some of the products that are imported by some chain stores .
Mohwasa indicated that Botswana should call on Israel to respect Palestine borders where they should know that both countries can share the border.
BNF joined BDS Botswana chapter few years back where it indicated that they will start its campaign against Israeli products sold at stores such as Woolworths. The opposition parties argument was that some of the products that are sold at Woolworths were products that were grown in some of the land that was confiscated from Palestine.
Mohwasa comments comes after the Ministry of International Affairs and Cooperation announced the two countries signed a Join Communique establishing diplomatic relations this week in New York.
The Joint Communiqué was signed by Botswana’s Ambassador and Permanent Representative to the United Nations, Charles Ntwaagae and Dr. Riyad Mansour, Palestine’s Permanent Observer to the United Nations.
It further stated that currently the State of Palestine is recognized by one hundred and thirty-seven (137) countries. Botswana extended recognition of the State of Palestine on 19 December 1988.

The ministry further noted that the State of Palestine has diplomatic relations with over 100 countries and is a State party to over 50 Conventions, Treaties and Protocols.
It further indicated that the establishment of diplomatic relations with Palestine is a critical step that will open avenues for deepening collaboration with Botswana on the political and socio-economic spheres. It will also promote
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